Highlights from the SF City Council informational meeting

I’ll get you more info in the morning, but these comments made me laugh, then cry;


“The city has been very financially responsible” – De Knudson

I think I need hernia surgery after that comment.

“There is a lot of citizens in this community that are confused about the city debt and how it is paid back, I think there needs to be some clarifications in graphs and charts.” – Gerald Beninga

Gerald was clearly trying to downplay the city debt (currently $320 million with a possibly of growing to $400-500 million by the end of the year). He was trying to downplay it by saying some of it was paid back thru separate fees and not retail taxes. While this is true it really doesn’t fricking matter because;

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#1- It has to be paid back by taxpayer’s and property owners no matter how you slice it and,

#2 – We have to pay huge interest on it.

Nice try Gerald. A spade is a spade. $320 million dollar debt, is $320 million dollar debt.