Drop it already!


Defender of Video Lottery and Smokers

The ‘Sky is falling’ brothers Gene and Scott are at it again, causing problems where problems don’t exist;

Those plans (Iowa Casino) prompted South Dakota Sen. Scott Heidepriem, a Democrat, and Republican Sen. Gene Abdallah to propose a constitutional amendment that would have allowed the Legislature to authorize full-scale casinos in South Dakota to counter operations in bordering states. The change required voter approval, but it never cleared the Legislature, dying in a House committee.

For good reason – it was an assanine idea! But it’s not stopping him from continuing to stir the pot;


Abdallah said he will speak with Heidepriem about drafting an opposition letter to the commission.


“If he’s willing to fight, I’ll fight,” Abdallah said.

Fight what?! Good paying jobs for Sioux Falls residents? More retail tax revenue from casino visitors shopping and eating in our fine city? Or the best benefit, some POS telephone booth casinos closing down? Is that what you are fighting?

Abdallah still maintains that the casino will hurt video lottery in Sioux Falls and Indian gaming in Flandreau,

Oh well. Why should Sioux Falls residents care about Indian casinos and lining the pockets of millionaire VL casino owners? May I suggest you buy them a box of tissues.

as well as create a potential safety hazard with more alcohol-related accidents caused by casino patrons.

Yeah, Gene, because nobody drives drunk in our city now . . .

It’s time to drop it already. The Casino will be built and it will be good for Sioux Falls.


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