More propaganda and secrets from the fine city of Sux Falls

First with the propaganda;

“We conclude the financial strength of Sioux Falls is excellent,” said Rich Oksol, the city’s lead internal auditor.

Sure. What Mr. Oksol doesn’t tell you is the audit only includes HALF of the city budget, the operational budget. The audit doesn’t include the Capital Improvement Budget;

Rocky Balboa psp But Councilor Kermit Staggers said the audit didn’t include a review of spending in the city’s capital budget, which is a separate budget from the general fund, which pays for operating expenses.

“It’s not indicating to the public the true cost that’s taking place each year,” he said.


Oksol responded that capital budgets are harder to analyze because they can have big swings.

The EXACT reason why it needs to be audited. More half-truths, and half-reports from the city.

I also got a chuckle out of Vernon BrownKnows comment about putting the audit on the city website;

Councilor Vernon Brown suggested the audit be put in a prominent place on the city’s Web site so that more people can see the results.

Hey, Mr. Wants to be mayor, it is on the website, how do you think I got the information for my blog yesterday? You would think someone in the telecommunications business would know how to navigate the city website?


More worthless legal advice from the city attorney

First Transit of Cincinnati is expected to emerge with a five-year contract to manage the multimillion-dollar bus system. The company runs the system now and will receive a management fee of $147,851 this year. But some city councilors say they are concerned that they haven’t had any oversight of the process and might never be asked to approve a new contract.

And of course Judge Grumpy Butt put his stamp of approval on the negoiations;

City Attorney Robert Amundson said he believes state law allows the city to keep the proposals confidential until after contract negotiations are finished.

“They’re confidential because you don’t want to disrupt getting to a contract,” he said. “Once you get to the finality of a contract, it can be released.”


It’s unclear whether the council will approve the contract. Amundson said he thinks the city charter allows the mayor to sign the contract without council oversight.

“I suppose there could be a disagreement on that,” Amundson said.


“If someone had a dispute, and they wanted a review, I would have to look at it,” he added.

So what you are saying is, you don’t know and don’t want to do your job and look into it? Kinda of sounds like another issue you refuse to address when it comes to petitions . . .

Then Kenny points out the obvious;

“There were issues last year that cost the city a lot of money,” Anderson said. “We represent the citizens of this city, and I think we should have been more involved.”

Obviously Kenny hasn’t been let in on the big secret, the councilors are powerless due to the unconstitutional Home Rule charter.


#1 Randall on 06.17.09 at 6:32 am

Isn’t that what the Bush administration did for five years? …keep the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq off the books to show how rosy the economy looked?

Hey – we all know how well THAT worked out!

#2 l3wis on 06.17.09 at 6:43 am

It’s on the books – just not in the audit. It would be like me going to apply for a loan and the loan officer asks me if I have any CC debt. And I would say “Sure, I have $2000 on a MC and $2000 on a Visa. But the Visa debt doesn’t count because it’s a Visa.”

Pretty easy to get a high Credit rating, when you only claim half your debt.

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