A little rumble at Carnegie Hall

Yesterday afternoon at the Sioux Falls city council informational meeting councilor Staggers brought up a touchy subject, and apparently, for once, Quen Be De Knudson wasn’t watching Larry King or the Olympics, she was paying attention, and she literally had a cow. I will suggest you watch the video (it is about 10 minutes in).

But here is the jist; Councilor Costello was appointed Council Chair not too long ago, and now he is running for mayor. Staggers (and Brown) have suggested he resign from the post since it gives him an unfair advantage. Case in point, the city is running a PSA on CityLink16 promoting another one of their stupid surveys to the public. So who is doing the PSA message? Munson? Quen Be De? Nope. Costello.

Staggers has asked the council to vote on a resolution to determine whether Pat should stay as council chair because of this conflict, and De went ballistic. It is worth watching. I really think she should go back to watching reruns of the Cosby Show.


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