l3wis, I could not help but think of you as I read this article this morning. Did you not have an issue with a bill the city sent you for trimming one of their own trees in your yard?

From the Argus

“It took 127.5 labor hours by city employees on three separate dates last year to clean up the Snooks’ yard.”


That many hours? For ONE yard? AND for $5059.00.

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  1. You should have seen all the pictures, it was a lot more then what is pictured. I don’t believe the man hours either, considering they used a Bobcat to assist in the cleaning. There is no excuse for it though, and this is what code enforcement is for. I think Mark Cotter said it was three dump truck loads.

    I wonder if they checked for a lady living in a tent with her kids in the backyard?

  2. “It’s a lot of work for the city and the court system, and people have every opportunity prior to this happening,” Ford said.”

    The funny part about this, as I have learned from Dan Daily’s case is the Snooks have no legal obligation to pay, since ‘Due Process’ has been written out of the home rule charter. In other words the only thing the city can do is take them to small claims and have a judgement against them. Another reason why the code enforcement rules should be rewritten so there is due process. Because if the Snooks had to defend themselves in a ‘real’ court, they would lose big time.

  3. Plaintiff Guy on September 28, 2009 at 4:22 pm said:

    127 hours? Maybe 2 city employees and 10 hours at what city employees cost ($500/hour). What bothers me is the city council has circumvented the courts by calling the 5K a tax assessment. Illegal (state land law) and discriminatory. The legal way is a lien imposed by a court. Home rule allows only $600 max fine and the city cannot collect it because circuit court will not recognize their form of government (declaratoty judgement). Common sense is democracy (repeal home rule) and take citizens into court for whatever fine they impose and actual expenses/damages. I hope to appeal into state court and will ask full due process compliance and REVOKE home rule for state/federal constitutional violations.

  4. Plaintiff Guy on September 28, 2009 at 4:37 pm said:

    The marxist mayor and socialist city council should look to a city where local government works. The presidents are sculpted into a mountain close to Rapid City for a reason. Democracy works and Sioux Falls government must some day realize the narcisist sociopath in the city attorneys office did not make it in private practice and cannot be elected into public office for a reason. Were the presidents not carved into granite, they’d want to face west around the world across china to see DC. It’s over the horizon but more visible to democracy than having to look through Sioux Falls.

  5. redhatterb on September 28, 2009 at 6:15 pm said:

    I had to laugh when Ms. Snook said that valuable items were taken out of the yard too, including a wheel chair. I realize that wheel chairs are expensive, but if it was such a great wheel chair why was it out in the yard, instead of inside where it would be out of the elements?

  6. Red-

    I had a friend who used old chairs as planter boxes, but not meth labs. I’m just saying.

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