Happy Day, everybody:


Earlier today, Granny Gumption joined in the National Tea Parties (protesting against O’Bummer’s Communist Health Care Reform bill) – by serving her own special concoction of garden-grown prescription drug-laced tea to neighborhood kids. 

Sad to say, the local authorities were called by snitchy bitchy former SD Senator Tom Douchle so thusly, Granny was arrested, internally probed, & locked up for 2 hours in our county jail.  Her beloved personal physician, Dr. Allen Unrrruuuuuuugh posted her bail & then gave Granny her daily doctorly, healthy-care chiropractic back-rubbin’ procedure (i.e. big old monster man pro-life, bone-rattlin’ grab from behind) to help calm her down. Unfortunately, since she had nothin’ but a First Sanford Credit Card stuck in an undisclosed part of her body the po-po could not locate (think patent-pendin’-mini-saggin’-nipple-zippers), and the fact that the good Dr. only accepts cash-for crackin’ clunkers for payment of serving his health care to his wife & elderly women, he got to bone-rattle grab Granny until the cows came home for milkin’ –


EggBert (who believes in good old-fashioned Health Care – i.e. you grow a cancereous cold zit, you let God’s Jesus’s Mother Mary’s Nature melt it off…)