Another boring day in South DaCola


Besides a non-story about Brendan Johnson’s law

голова болит секс firm getting a measley $100,000 for losing him and another non-story about the American Cancer Society being able to argue in court against the bar owner smokey-smokey pants crybabies, there isn’t much going on.

голова болит секс голова болит секс

However, I have been writing some new bar humor toons for a possible project, here is a sample;

“The bartender just made me the perfect martini.”

“Gin? Vodka? Straight up? Extra dry?”



#1 Interloper on 10.07.09 at 12:32 pm

I gotta agree that this thing about Johnson’s golden parachute is no big deal. It’s the normal course of things. Jeez. However, since when do YOU consider $100,000 to be “measley”? Aren’t you the one who rails against people making bunches of money? Or is $99,000 the cutoff for you?

#2 l3wis on 10.07.09 at 1:22 pm

What!!!!! The firm gains to loose millions in revenue from one of their partners leaving. $100,000 is nothing, in fact it is charitable at best.

#3 Costner on 10.07.09 at 1:37 pm

The article says the $100k includes “$70,000 for the return of his capital account and a partner distribution of $30,000 calculated by service date up to departure.”

So is that suggesting the $70k is a return on his original investment into the firm? Thus he is really only receiving a $30k payout which is his portion of the proceeds of the firm (not including his salary or any other financial benefits).

I guess I fail to see the issue here. If this was the Fed paying the lawfirm $100k then I’d probably be upset, but this is just like a business owner selling out to his partner and walking away. L3wis has it right… this is a non-story.

#4 l3wis on 10.07.09 at 6:37 pm

If anything, they should be praised for their fiscal responsibility to the public. I will have to say though, the RCJ’s story is fair and just states the fact, but we know others will twist the story.

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