Chris should run as an indy


I was disappointed that Chris decided to run against the princess, I still believe if he ran as an indy in the governor’s race he could clean up.

South Dakota Secretary of State Chris Nelson says he’ll join two other Republicans in seeking the party’s nomination for U.S. House of Representatives.

Don’t get me wrong, Chris will be a tough challenger, he is a moderate like Steffy and he is very smart.


#1 Ghost of Dude on 10.02.09 at 9:19 am

Shave the stache and I’ll vote for him.

Is he an ironic hipster or just stuck in the 80’s?

#2 l3wis on 10.02.09 at 9:47 am

I like Chris, a big open government proponent. I will be curious to see his campaign. My vote might go Repub in the house seat.

#3 Sy on 10.02.09 at 12:12 pm

He is an attractive candidate politically, pretty milquetoast physically, but that hasn’t stopped us before (cough Tim & Larry)

Is it a forgone conclusion that Steffy is running for Gov? If so, I don’t think she will win it. She’s got problems on the Left and Right with some of her EFCA, Cap & Trade, Health Care…etc.

#4 Costner on 10.02.09 at 2:11 pm

Herseth Sandlin ruled out Governor a while back. Something tells me old Max didn’t want to relocate to SD.

#5 l3wis on 10.02.09 at 3:10 pm

Not to mention the massive pay cut

#6 Jackie on 10.02.09 at 10:25 pm

Given the blue dog antics during the health care/health insurance reform, her enabling and funding the Iraq occupation, I’m open to looking at any other candidate besides her.

#7 l3wis on 10.02.09 at 10:29 pm

I’m with you on that Jackie! BTW, thanks for bringing the guys down tonight.

#8 Costner on 10.05.09 at 7:47 am

Jackie – I’m just curious if you think the candidates that are running against her woudln’t fund the war in Iraq?