I haven’t been posting there for awhile. Mainly because the software you have to use to post is outdated, and well, pretty shitty. Jaine Andrews sent out an email last week saying we are required to post at least once a week.

From: “Jaine Andrews” <jandrews@keloland.com>

Dear Blogger,
It’s that time of year again when we take inventory in our Issues Blogs at KELOLAND.com. Your blog has been a valued contribution to the ongoing discussion of the many issues facing the residents of KELOLAND and beyond in the past year.  However, we have noticed that some contributions have been less frequent than others. I have attached the KELOLAND Guest Blogger User Guideline to remind you of your commitment to post a minimum of once per week in order to encourage users to visit the site frequently for updated content.

What? You don’t give us a single dime to post on your crappy site and you expect us to follow submitting guidelines? Please. I did notify the webmaster that I would start posting again once they changed the software, which they claim will be soon, yet I just noticed today that I am no longer on the site. Whatever. I only got about 5% of my referrals from the site, so it is not detrimental. Not to mention most of the commenters were such idiot teabaggers I would prefer not to be associated with the site.
Now for my bitch session. I have repeately asked the news team at KELO to cover political stories and get opinions from REAL citizens and BLOGGERS. Something they promised to do if you enlisted to posting on their site. How many blogger stories have they done? I can count only one in the past year which featured Epp and Rosenthal. What a partnership? Huh? I guess they don’t have time to cover real stories in between Sanford Flu shot clinics and chasing a cloud in Butte county.
Good Riddance!

By l3wis

7 thoughts on “I finally have been booted off the Kelo blogs. Good.”
  1. the only difference between kelo and crap is a k, well.. and e and l and o, but still equals crap. bunch of nambie pampies at that site. What’s the BW stand for, bumpin’ weiners? Your Pa th3 professional? Just wondering.

  2. KELO is antiquated. Consider yourself modern. Real news is immediate and not for profit. The KELO model no longer works. It’s why their parent is bankrupt. Now, how can this new media be assembled and distributed?

  3. Which makes me still ask why they are in first place? I mean honestly I prefer KDLT over KSFY’s FOX News Format and KELO’s News for 4 Year Old’s Format.

    I like KDLT’s new weather and I think Tom Hanson seems really nice. They all seem really down to Earth people (atleast on Camera, i don’t know what they are like outside of that). I know the lady meteorologist at KDLT is a partier! 😀

  4. Carter, you are not even old enough to drink coffee, let alone beer. I will say this about her, I have seen her in person, and she has an amazing body.

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