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Oh wait.. If you’ve seen the trailer for this movie, then you’ve already had the entire movie spoiled for you. Most, if not ALL, of the clever and original parts made the trailer. So really all you are waiting to see is the one redeeming cameo about halfway through this 1hr 20min film. This movie plays out less like an apocalyptic zombie movie than it tries to be “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist of the Living Dead”. Character development and storyline takes a back seat to sight gags and the awkward teenage crush that the movie seems to be founded on.  Initially I had nice things to say about it. The more I think about it the more it really irks me that it was played to be this end of the world zombie comedy, and instead we were being sold a soundtrack and set up for a sequel. Zombie movies don’t have sequels. There are no happy endings in the land of the walking dead. EVER! I give it 6/10 brains, just for creative zombie kills and Emma Stone is hot carrying that cannon around.

Emma Stone


#1 l3wis on 10.12.09 at 7:37 am

I’m glad I went to the TOE for Cabbage Rolls, a Baltika and a bowl of Borsch instead of going to the flick with you.

I did try to sneak into the Lewis Black show, but got busted. I think I am losing my touch.

#2 Ghost of Dude on 10.12.09 at 8:08 am

The clown zombie gave me a great idea for a ZW costume. Maybe I’ll make some zombie balloon animals too.
Personally, I’m not a fan of the fast/semi-intelligent zombies. I like Romero’s slow, shambling undead. They seem much better as a literary device – slow, creeping, inevitable, unstoppable death.
I’m looking forward to the movie adaptation of WWZ. Though I think it would have been better as a miniseries on one of the movie channels like Band of Brothers. Too many different characters and stories for a single movie, IMO. Though it could be made better by having some of the actors from the audio book play the same characters. Henry Rollins would work well as his character from the audio book, for instance.

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