Ironic Johnny really needs to get better at lying


I like to tell John what needs a good ‘pounding’

John can’t even lie good when asked simple questions. He must really have a low opinion about the intelligence level of South Dakotans, or at least the ones that vote for him;

Thune is seeking a second term in the Senate seat he won in a narrow race against then-Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle in 2004. He said he is surprised no Democrat has entered the Senate race so far, but he expects someone will challenge him.

“We’re expecting a competitive race and a stiff challenge,” Thune said.

From who? An imaginary Obama robot replica? John, do you really think there is going to be ‘STIFF’ competition? You have been hanging out in airport bathrooms with Larry Craig too long.

However, Thune said he gains an advantage as Democrats wait to field a candidate because it takes time to raise money, organize a campaign staff and introduce the candidate to voters.

“I’d like to think it’s because I’ve done a good job,” Thune said

Or at least you have done a fantastic job of lying about the job you do for us ‘South Dakotans’

“I’ve always maintained a lot of politics is timing. I think from a timing stance, the political environment probably next year is going to be better for Republicans,” Thune said.

It’s always good for Republicans in South Dakota, because you have managed to brainwash at least 51% of the populace into believing you give a shit about them.

“I want to continue to pound away on what I think is a real threat to the country right now, and that’s the excessive spending we’re seeing in Washington and the amount of debt we’ve piled up,” Thune said.

“Because instead of paying attention to the excessive spending during the Bush administration, the only thing I was busy pounding was my meat at the ‘C’ Street House.”