Is STORMLAND TV NEWS the Propaganda Wing of City Hall?

I’m starting to wonder more and more after they ran this extremely misleading story yesterday;

Some good news for Sioux Falls’ economy. Sales tax collections are up in Sioux Falls for the past two months.

In 2008, the city took in $3.4 million and $3.9 million, but in 2009, they are up slightly for both months. Even so, city officials say the numbers are far from where they were before the recession and that could still mean some major projects could be delayed.

While this is true, they fail to mention that the numbers are only up a couple $100,000 from the year before, and the city is still a negative -3.1% growth from last year, and I doubt that gap will close much. I hope we at least break even, but that will only be offset by the fact that 2009’s budget was a lot higher then 2008’s. While I understand that it is nice to hear some good news during this economy, you must also be truthful when giving that news, this was purely propaganda. Who runs your TV station anyway? Mayor Munson?