Dear Friends:

ALL COMIC BOOKS (not JUST the ones drawn on graph paper, neither) ARE PURE EVIL – PERIOD!   These disgusting fantasy books will be the ruin of the fragile & innocent brains of our youth! HURRY, pull them ALL out of Libraries, Homes, & Book stores – basically eliminate them from the entire existing PUBIC DOMAIN! – END OF DISCUSSION!

Just wanted ya all to know we just got back from an EggBert family vacation at Universal Studios & Adventure Island in Orlando. ZOUNDS, we had a Super-Duper time!  Unicorns, Marmadukes & Butterflies, we wish you all could have been there with us!!!


EggBert & Family  (Except my 3rd-Cousin 4-times removed, Nutrina Nipless, who – while floating on the Horribly Haggared Funny-Page Floom –

Florida Pics 2008 075

Florida Pics 2008 077

– accidentally got both of her nipples ripped off by an Elongated, overhanging Dagwood tree branch

Florida Pics 2008 085

& was flown in a Flash by Hercules helicopter over the Incredible green-colored, monster-sized roller-coaster

Florida Pics 2008 073

to receive Fantastic Care at Adventure Island’s privately-funded medical emergency infirmary.

Florida Pics 2008 055

Unfortunately, non-wealthy, un-eNamored & obviously non-ambitious Nutrina does not have nor deserve adequate Health Insurance coverage so the good Dr. couldn’t re-attach the Doomed nipples in the correct areas on her Wonderful Womanly body. However, in good Spirits, some of the financially-conservative EggBert family members pitched in some X-tra Capital America coinage and, well…needless to say, By Crom, within the EggBert Family Circles she is now referred to as “Nutrina Naval-Nippled Dildo-Bert”)


#1 l3wis on 11.12.09 at 2:08 pm

Well, Eggbert, if you wrote a comic book I would definately ban it from the skools.

#2 EggBert on 11.13.09 at 3:27 pm

Dear Mr. I3wussy:

Well, I thank you kindly for that compliment. I just may do that someday. Long ago, when I was a little ladle of a lad, I used to spend days & evenings drawing large superhero women & men in tight costumes & capes and often fantasized about being a famous comic book artist with the ability to write a stimulating & pleasurable storyline with such themes as Man vs. Man or Man vs. Nature, etc. I also dreamt of creating a comic book with large super-size man able to kickin’ the Ever-LOVING beJEEBERS OUT OF THE LIKES OF YOU #%*&*%&$%&$% QUEERBOY, GOD-HATING #%*&*%&$%&$% DARKIE-LOVIN’ UNPATRIOTIC, FAGGISH #%*&*%&$%&$% LIBERAL HIPPY #%*&*%&$%&$% PUSSY WILLOW ACLU-LIBRARIAN TYPES!#%*&*%&$%&$%!!!

Ban that, you horrible speller, you. (I learned in my upbringing in the Sioux Falls Pubic School District that school is spelled “school” not skool – you pathetic, sex-crazed, orally masterbatin’ pot-smokin’ comic book-lover. WTF, if you love comic books so much, why don’t you marry one?)


EggBert #%*&*%&$%&$%