2 Blondes a car and a continent update

They have returned to Australia, I am sad.

No worries, mate.




#1 anominous on 12.22.09 at 12:34 pm


#2 l3wis on 12.22.09 at 8:23 pm

Think they look sexy, you should hear their accents, woo-hoo!

#3 Beer Jew on 12.22.09 at 8:28 pm

If they had any clue who the New Bomb Turks are/were, you should have offered to marry one of them.

#4 l3wis on 12.22.09 at 8:56 pm

That shirt is funny. I borrowed it from Jesse like 12 years ago and never gave it back. I wear it in front of him all the time and he never says anything about it.

#5 Beer Jew on 12.23.09 at 10:38 am

Probably wouldn’t fit, anyway.

#6 l3wis on 12.23.09 at 10:46 am

Because of his big guns?

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