A majority of South Dakotans have figured it out; Religion and Faith have nothing to do with each other


Luke, let’s jump over these heathans, with our BMW

While this may surprise some people in the clergy, it does not surprise me. You don’t NEED religion to have faith in a creator. As former governor, Ventura of Minnesota, said once, “Religion is a crutch.”

An overwhelming majority of South Dakotans say they believe in God, but only about half of the state’s residents say religion is very important in their lives, and a smaller portion than that attend services each week, according to a new survey examining religion.

You will also notice from the survey that states that take religion more seriously are more likely to be involved with right wing extremism, teabaggery, and general ignorance;

Mississippi, followed by several other Southern states, was tops in religious fervor, according to the survey, which asked questions about worship attendance, frequency of prayer, belief in God and religion’s importance in one’s life.

Now get out your bible, your gun, white hood and confederate flag and go pray.

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#1 Randall on 12.29.09 at 2:52 pm

…and Mark Twain said “Religion is believing ins something you know damn well isn’t true.

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