Golly, gee, cure them gays!

This video is well worth the watch. I’ll admit, I make fun of the ‘gays’ but I also understand that you cannot be cured from it, trust me on that. Never trust a man named Dick. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing now, FF to the last 30 seconds, Rachel’s ending is fantastic.



#1 hosenpheffer on 12.10.09 at 7:14 pm

Caleb Lee Brundidge is the person that the International Healing Foundation sent to Uganda, to explain his “healing from unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA)”, by that dope Rachel M. interviewed.


This freak Caleb was in Sioux Falls earlier this year as part of a kooky ministry that is called Extreme Prophetic.
( he had a evangelism at that church near the TOP HAT )

Below is a video that tells about Extreme Prophetic. It’s horribly boring but right at the beginning you can see Mr Brundidge flagging out.


Extreme Prophetic are goofy bastards who believe in RAISING THE DEAD.
They do MORTUARY OUTREACH. See the video below for all kinds of crazy.


I don’t know, but once you’re dead isn’t it a little late?

#2 hosenpheffer on 12.10.09 at 7:39 pm


Here is a video where Caleb Brundidge is beating the gay out of his body (see 1:00 and 18:31).

Signs That an Adolescent May Be Struggling with Gender Issues
by Don Schmierer

None of these are clear-cut indications of homosexual tendencies. However, if several of them are evident, the young person may be struggling with gender issues.

1. A sensitive child being forced to feel different because of mocking or downgrading by peers or family

2. A young boy who hangs out with girls exclusively; history of playing with girls instead of boys prior to puberty

3. Effeminate behavior/appearance in boys or extreme macho behavior; mannish style and “butch” posturing in girls (not to be confused with simply being athletic)

4. Unnatural friendship that is compulsive, secretive, or inseparable developing between siblings, cousins, relatives, or neighbors—especially in merged families or foster families

5. Exaggerated rejection by same sex parent

6. Fatherless home or emotionally unavailable father

7. Dominant mother

8. Youngest male child

9. Young girls with much older female “best friend” in a relationship that excludes others of the girl’s own age

10. Anger—often manifested in sarcasm, cynicism, or withdrawal

11. Frail, deformed, deaf, or otherwise “outcast”; physical appearance not socially acceptable; “slow”

12. Comments, “I must be gay,” or “I guess I’m bisexual.”

13. Loner, preoccupied with self

14. Boys may avoid fights/physical altercations

I think I have an old tennis racket in the garage in case any of you freaks need to come to terms.

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If I were a lesbian, I would totally blow Rachel Maddow.

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She pretty well tore him a new one without raising her voice.

“It’s in your book, dude.”