Representative Thompson has a great idea, but is anyone listening?


I couldn’t agree more with Bill’s idea;

The plan is based on Montana’s approach, which has worked well. The majority leaders of both houses choose the first two members of the seven-member citizen commission. Then the minority leaders of both houses choose the next two members. These four commission members choose the final three, with each member coming from one of the seven designated regions of the state. The commission will create the districts, submit the plan to the Legislature for suggestions and then finalize the districts.

Oh, but Bill, that approach sound fair. How can the Republicants in our state continue their chokehold if they can’t hand pick these commission members? Than there are all the utopian results it would produce;

Now is the time for South Dakota to change its method of legislative redistricting. Redistricting plans should:

•  lessen the impact of incumbency on redistricting.

•  lessen the impact of partisanship on redistricting.

• create more districts that are competitive.

•  maximize intradistrict competitiveness to make it easier to recruit candidates willing to challenge incumbents. Competitiveness and better candidates will encourage voter participation and satisfaction. Voter satisfaction will foster better, more responsive government.

There is a reason why your bill continues to fail Bill, a SD Democrat proposed it.


#1 Helga on 12.28.09 at 1:59 am

Bill Thompson is a great guy. It is too bad there are not more forward thinking people like him. The state could use more reps just like him.

#2 l3wis on 12.28.09 at 4:36 am

One of the few reps that have came to my door to campaign. Heidi Scott did, after I chided him on my site about it.