I have often said I support Kermit as mayor because of his honesty, something that Mr. BrownKnows obviously knows nothing about. This comment is a prime example of that.

Brown said some thanked him for not running a float.

“I thought about it,” said Brown, who is on the City Council. “Traditionally, the event is more of a family event. It just didn’t feel right.”

First off, I call bullshit on you. Secondly, I doubt anybody ‘thanked you’ and thirdly, WTF does it being a ‘family event’ have to do with anything? It is not like the candidates were running around with pictures of aborted babies in the parade. Politics and family go hand in hand. If I were running for mayor, I would want to appeal to families, apparently you don’t Vernon. Just admit it, you didn’t have the money or time to put together a float.

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