All Snark Aside…


The situation in Haiti is only going to get worse as time goes on. Respiratory illness and infection will kill more people in the coming weeks than the earthquake did.

Take a second away from drinking your morning starbucks & bottled water while reading this stupid blog on your fancy computer which runs on the electricity you take for granted, whip your phone out and text ‘HAITI’ to 90999. This will tack a much needed $10 onto your next wireless bill as a donation to the Red Cross.  You might have to share a meal next time you eat out at the Texas Roadhouse instead of getting your own texas toothpicks. But it will taste better, trust me.

That is all. Thank you.


#1 Plaintiff Guy on 01.14.10 at 8:44 am

$2/day feeds one person there. $10 is a good feeling for 5 days. Text HAITI to 90999.

#2 Angry Guy on 01.14.10 at 10:25 am

The average Haitian worker brings home about $2USD/day… so… do that math.

#3 Helga on 01.14.10 at 12:55 pm

We did Doctors Without Borders. I like them also.
Tragic situation but thankfully Pat Robertson knows how to place blame. Whattaguy.

#4 Sy on 01.14.10 at 1:22 pm

We probably don’t agree on much, Helga, but you are correct.

Robertson should’ve just shut his yap and opened up his checkbook. He’s a tool who’s days of having any electoral influence have thankfully gone bye bye.

#5 l3wis on 01.15.10 at 6:16 am

AG – Told you so, didn’t take the wingnuts long;