Another letter writer says ‘screw the law’ as long as we are ‘saving babies.’

I am appalled by the Argus Leader’s continued harassment of state Rep. Roger Hunt to divulge the name of his client who generously gave money to protect unborn babies in South Dakota.

Harrasment? It’s called reporting the news. If anything, the Gargoyle isn’t covering this story enough.

Most of us in South Dakota do not think it is OK to kill babies.

I would think 100% think it is not OK to kill babies, that’s my guess. However, a majority of South Dakotans have voted twice to give women the choice on whether to end a pregnancy. I have said that South Dakotans sometimes vote pro-choice because they are sick of the secrets and lying from the pro-life movement. Maybe if you movement practiced a little honesty and openness, like revealing donor names, more people would take up your cause. I’m just saying.

4 Thoughts on “It’s okay to launder money as long as you are saving babies?

  1. Plaintiff Guy on January 23, 2010 at 8:26 am said:

    The supreme court decision yesterday endorses his contributions corporation scheme. The state gave him lots of grief. However, in the future, federal law is on his side. Likely, there will be more of this and it will be bigger in scale. The democracy is now a republic if a corporation has the same or more rights than citizens.

  2. It’s worse. Corporations carry the rights of citizens without the obligations of citizenship. Corporations don’t pay the individual income tax rate. Over 50% of corporations pay no taxes. Corporations that do pay income taxes pay on the average rate of about 1%. Corporations cannot vote so they have no responsibility for outcomes. Corporations cannot hold office – again evading any responsibility for their demagoguery. Corporations cannot be jailed and only extremely rarely can they convicted of a crime – thus evading consequences for their action or inaction.

  3. Tell it to Sy, he seems to be confused about who should have First Amendment rights.

  4. Plaintiff Guy on January 25, 2010 at 9:42 am said:

    Corporate process is a method to protect yourself from city socialism. Own real estate and possessions through an out of state corporation. When they trespass and steal possessions without a court order (city term ‘trash cleanup’), it becomes an federal crime. For camera tickets and citations, they must serve your out of state registered agent. You can purchase goods and services without paying sales tax (mail & empty box invoice process).

    Until there is a return to constitutional democracy, we can protest if we become ‘Our Name Inc.’.

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