Oh, gotta love those kooky Republicant’s (H/T – Helga)

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This survey says just how f’ing crazy they really are;

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book, American Taliban, which catalogues the ways in which modern-day conservatives share the same agenda as radical Jihadists in the Islamic  world. But I found myself making certain claims about Republicans that I didn’t know if they could be backed up. So I thought, “why don’t we ask them directly?” And so, this massive poll, by non-partisan independent pollster Research 2000 of over 2,000 self-identified Republicans, was born.


#1 Costner on 02.03.10 at 7:39 am

Kind of a loaded question which is very open to interpretation isn’t it? I mean technically she was Governor of Alaska, and make jokes all you wish but that is a leadership position which does often lead to the Presidency (GWB and Clinton both took that very same path to the Oval Office).

Obama on the other hand served what….about a year in the Senate before he started campaigning? Prior to that he really didn’t have any leadership experience other than community activism groups. Surely he didn’t have anything equal to running an entire state.

Now that isn’t to say I like Palin or think she would do a better job than Obama (but at this point… who really knows), but when you ask a question about who is really qualified it really depends upon how someone reads into the term “qualified”.

GWB was very “qualified” and much more “qualified” to be President than Obama ever was… but that doesn’t mean he was good at it – but the poll isn’t asking about that.

Besides – with a poll going to only Republicans, you have to expect them to prefer anyone other than Obama. Heck, you could have ran Glenn Beck against him and the margin would probably be even higher.

#2 l3wis on 02.03.10 at 9:09 am

“GWB was very “qualified” and much more “qualified” to be President than Obama ever was”

LMAO! Have you looked at his record before he became president? He failed miserably at everything he attempted to do. What has Obama failed at BEFORE he was president? He did lose his first race, but he was virtually an unknown. But other then that, he has been very successful. While I think he hasn’t accomplished much in his first year, I think only time will tell.

#3 Costner on 02.03.10 at 9:33 am

Oh I don’t disagree with you l3wis…GWB did fail at a couple of businesses and wasn’t really a stellar Governor either, but my point is depending upon your perception of the word “qualified” it sort of skews the results.

I hate to even make the comparison, but have you ever read all of the failures Lincoln had in his time? He lost several races, failed at business several times etc…yet he was still very good at being President, so was he less qualified to seek the job?

I guess I can just understand that how (on paper) Palin could be perceived as being more qualified than Obama was when he first ran. Not saying she would be better or smarter or would bring anything positive to the position…merely that some could easily argue she is more qualified.

Frankly Mike Rounds is probably more qualified than both of them put together, but you won’t see me endorsing him for the Presidency either.

#4 l3wis on 02.03.10 at 9:40 am

Palin is an intolerant idiot. Period. The only reason she has gotten as far as she has is because she is cute.

#5 Sy on 02.03.10 at 10:19 am

Daily Kooks:

“American Taliban, which catalogues the ways in which modern-day conservatives share the same agenda as radical Jihadists in the Islamic world.”

This premise is so idiotic I’m amazed that anyone with more than a room temp IQ would even give it any consideration. If the Reps were even 1/10th what the Taliban is/was Obama would’ve never been President and Kos himself would’ve been jailed or killed. Kos even Godwinned himself in the second question, never mind that the Z in NAZI stands for Zocialist! NAZI’s were extreme Left, not extreme Right.

You forget at one point the Reps were like the Dems and had the White House, and both Houses. What did they do? They let Ted Kennedy write the Education Bill and basically horse traded the tax cuts and war votes for the keys to the checkbook for the Dems. Which, BTW Obama has made plenty of hay blaming Bush for, never mind he was there since ’05 to cast votes for the exploding deficit.


“He failed miserably at everything he attempted to do. ”

Not true, he was very successful as Governor of TX, as was his stint with the Rangers. Sure, he failed as an oilman, but during the 80’s about 90% of those guys bit the dust. Even in failure Bush gained executive experience. Obama to this day is showing he and his crew are so far over their heads it’s pathetic. It took them until now to figure out it’s time to focus on jobs? Fuk n a. Looks like the Feds are the only ones hiring:

“The era of big government has returned with a vengeance, in the form of the largest federal work force in modern history.

The Obama administration says the government will grow to 2.15 million employees this year, topping 2 million for the first time since President Clinton declared that “the era of big government is over” and joined forces with a Republican-led Congress in the 1990s to pare back the federal work force.”


#6 l3wis on 02.03.10 at 10:27 am

Sy- Gotta give you credit, defending one of the worst presidents in American history who stole both elections takes some courage.

#7 Sy on 02.03.10 at 12:34 pm

Thanks and back at ya. To contend to this day that Bush “stole” not one, but two elections takes something “special” as well. Or in Rahmspeak: that’s fucking retarded!

You probably gave a big “fuck yeah” to this point from your link:

“One in five Republicans think ACORN is so powerful as to magically make 10 million votes appear.”

So how would the Republicans, with no organization even close to ACORN, magically make 3 million more people vote for Bush than Kerry? Don’t give me vote suppression shit either, since 12 million more people voted in 2004 than 2000.

As for 2000, all you Moveon.org types seem to be able to do anyting but. Both the Miami Herald and the Washington Post (harldy Bush supporters) crawled through every document related to the 2000 and reached the same conclusion as the SCOTUS.

#8 Helga on 02.03.10 at 3:07 pm

GWB qualified….ha. He was qualified to bankrupt the country and that is what he did, just like the 3 oil companies he ran, they all went bankrupt also. But he made money cuz Daddy’s friends took on the loss and made sure he ended up with money. And many years it paid off for them but not the rest of us.