I knew it was a mistake from the beginning – and all of you who called me a ‘Peacnik’ at the time of my dissent can GFY!

Moderator Grover Norquist then asked Rohrabacher to provide a “guesstimate percentage of Republicans in Congress who would share that view — not that they opposed the President at the time, but today looking back.” Rohrabacher replied that “everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now”:

ROHRABACHER: Well, now that we know that it cost a trillion dollars and all of these years and all of these lives and all of this blood, uh, I don’t know many…

NORQUIST: Looking for a number. Two-thirds? One-third?

ROHRABACHER: I, I can’t. All I can say is the people, everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now.

NORQUIST: That’s 100 percent.

Norquist then turned to McClintock, asking “what percentage”:

NORQUIST: Of Republicans in Congress, who would agree with the general analysis here that it was a mistake and/or we should go in.

MCCLINTOCK: I think everyone would agree Iraq was a mistake.

NORQUIST: Two hundred percents. Ok, we’re going to average these.

MCCLINTOCK: And, you know, again, I think virtually everyone would agree going into Afghanistan the way we did was a mistake. How many share my, my cynicism over this idea of a resolution of force, which I can’t find anywhere in the Constitution. And how many believe that in those rare cases where we go in, we put all of our resources behind our soldiers, I would say certainly more than half of the Republican caucus probably believe that.

Asked for a number by Norquist, Duncan refused to say, but shared an anecdote of how unpopular the war is politically in his conservative military district. Watch it:

2 Thoughts on “GOP Congressmen Say that ‘Everyone’ in Congress ‘Would Agree that Iraq was a mistake’ (H/T – Helga)

  1. Ghost of Dude on March 22, 2010 at 8:11 am said:

    NORQUIST: Two hundred percents. Ok, we’re going to average these.


    I would imagine military districts are where the war would be least popular – they’re directly effected by it.

  2. Helga on March 22, 2010 at 3:02 pm said:

    I guess Sy missed that his republican buddies now say the war was wrong. Dana Rohrabacher just now realized that the war has cost trillions and lives. Quel Supris!!!

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