The difference between Saturday & Sunday in the Mike Huether campaign

Yesterday, Mike sent out this postcard, which was strange, because instead of attacking Kermit’s voting record (his actions), he attacked his words. Is it because that is all Mike has? A war of words? And who said these things? The Argus Leader editorial board? Who cares.

Then today, Mike’s campaign runs this ad about how great all his opponents are.


#1 sidestreets on 04.25.10 at 10:18 am

Last night we used this post card and his Daschle friend card to interview dozens of people at the arena and convention center (Minnehaha Rep Meeting and some circus). Everyone who knew there was a election coming up said Kermit was getting their vote and shook their heads when I showed them (while explaining who Huether is) the lies on the back of the card. There were a lot of high profile individuals who were just disgusted with the whole thing.

#2 Skyorbit on 04.25.10 at 11:38 am

Huether is so 2-faced.

#3 Angry Guy on 04.25.10 at 1:19 pm

For one, I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter one little fucking bit who is ‘pro-life’ and who isn’t. Kermit loses my vote just for bringing it up. I’m not voting on Tuesday because of it.

#4 l3wis on 04.25.10 at 6:52 pm

You are right, AG. But Huether is the one that brought partisanship into the race. Was Kermit supposed to sit back and let Mike take advantage of his Democratic base while Kermit just ignored his base?

#5 Angry Guy on 04.25.10 at 7:34 pm

I’m not faulting him for playing to party lines, but it doesn’t really matter who started it at this point. The race has gone south and Staggers loses my vote (my ONE insignificant vote) because he said abortion. Bush League move that is going to cost him the election. Kermit’s campaign has gone to shit in the last 4 days. Maybe he should have hired someone.

#6 l3wis on 04.25.10 at 7:46 pm

It is something I call the ‘wuss factor’ and why I would never return to the Democratic party. Everyone knows the Dems, especially SD Dems are a bunch of pussies. So when they do something partisan, people say, “Oh well, let them do it, I feel sorry for them, because they always lose.” Then when the GOP in SD is partisan, they are a bunch of assholes (and they are). But let’s treat it equally. If Mike wants to garner support from pro-choice Dems why can’t Kermit garner support from pro-life Repubs?


#7 sidestreets on 04.25.10 at 9:53 pm

Angry, Kermit looses your vote or the tax payers trying to make ends meet?
Let’s don’t become enemys over things we can’t control. We all deserve due process.

#8 Angry Guy on 04.26.10 at 7:37 am

It’s disappointing that it was brought up at all. It wouldn’t matter if they actually performed abortions in their spare time, bringing it into the mayoral race is retarded and seems desperate at this point for Staggers. These races should be ran on experience and issues that actually matter to the people of SF, with honest debates garnished with ads that utilize as little mudslinging as possible… but the world isn’t a perfect place. I’m glad he showed his hand by being petty and pandering for votes… but he lost mine in the process.

sidestreets, what the fuck are you talking about? Please STFU and GFY!

#9 sidestreets on 04.26.10 at 1:12 pm

The best Mayor is one you don’t even know is there but if you don’t make headlines from the inside you start to feel your not being effective.

So you’re glad he lost your vote. Hey, I’m glad you kept score.
Please add Angry Guy to the asshole list as well.

#10 Angry Guy on 04.26.10 at 3:56 pm

Not glad…. in fact, I’m a little sad. I really wanted to think Staggers was different from all those other politicians. I was wrong.
Can I be on the asshole list more than once?

#11 l3wis on 04.26.10 at 6:57 pm

AG- I am a little disappointed to in his partisanship, BUT, remember this, Kermit is running for mayor because he wants to make this a better city for YOU, not for him. It is important he wins.