Voters were not confused about the Events Center proposal, that’s why they are opposed to it.

Looks like someone needs to be beat to death, again, and again, and again.

The Sioux Falls Events Center Task Force members just can’t stop beating the dead horse;

If an events center is built in Sioux Falls, it should be because citizens support it through a city election.

While we believe elections are the right way to decide such critical issues, elections also can bring misinformation. As leaders of the Events Center Task Force, we knew the timing of the recent city election would be challenging for our project.

So you are blaming the mayoral candidates for the misinformation?  BAHAHAHA! The two candidates who made it into the runoff opposed the plan, and rightfully so, the public understands it very clearly and that is why they are opposed to it. While neither Staggers or Huether have a clear plan of their own (even though Mike says he is gonna tell us about it any day now 🙂 They were clear about one thing; the TF’s plan sucks, big time.

Wrong location. Wrong Funding. Wrong Size. Well, you get the picture.

I know they don’t want all of their work to be in vain, but really guys, it is time to swallow your pride, or at least a stiff drink and admit defeat.