Just how much was spent by Heuther on consulting during the mayoral campaign?

Winning elections the good old fashion way – buying them

We will soon know the final amount when the final financial report comes out at the end of this month, unfortunately too late to make a difference at the polls. But someone pointed out to me that the ‘consultants’ were getting paid all along in the ‘in-kind’ donations and were cleverly labeled ‘consulting fees’ with the name of the recipient withheld. I decided to comb through those numbers.

Up until the election aproximately $65,000 was spent by Huether on ‘consulting fees’

This is a rough number, because the financial reports are fuzzy about how you claim these numbers (it seems in some places you claim it twice). The assumption is that these fees went to Hildebrand Strategies who was running Mike’s campaign. It will be interesting to see the final financial report, because quite often, bonuses are paid for winning elections to consulting firms. We’ll see, I guess.

UPDATE: It seems the 4/22/10 financial report was the last filing and the $65,000 is probably the last report.