“To sell or not to sell the fairgrounds, that is the question.”

This long article in the Gargoyle Leader (not written by my favorite journalist) talks about a lot of unknowns and gives some people an out;

Sweetman Construction, which owns the huge quarry adjacent to the fairgrounds, could be a logical buyer. The company is interested in acquiring the site for the quartzite underlying it. But only if the county wants to sell, according to CEO Patrick Sweetman. He strongly makes the point the company is not trying to force a sale.

“We are always looking out for the future of our business and looking at our potential for reserves,” Sweetman says. Acquiring the fairgrounds to expand the quarry makes good business sense. However, it “is one of the multiple options we’ve got on the table,” he says.

Damn right is does. But he just wants us to believe that it hasn’t been under serious consideration . . . yeah . . . right.

All that said, however, Hajek thinks the busy county commission would not be adverse to dealing with a fairgrounds sale yet this year.

“If the right pieces came together, I think we would act and do something,” she says.

I’m sure you would not be ‘adverse’ to selling the land. You are on your way out, what do you have to lose, or better yet GAIN from the sale?

IMO, leave the fairgrounds where they are at, they serve a purpose, and they make money when people are not stealing from them.

He (Mayor Huether) makes it clear he wants the city to be a fair advocate. On an ad-hoc basis, the city could assist with projects such as fixing fairgrounds potholes.

Why don’t we start by paving the entire lot by the EXPO building? Maybe Sweetman would like to donate some paving materials?


#1 Plaintiff Guy on 06.28.10 at 7:08 am

Are they finally going to sell to LifeLight or Oral Roberts?

#2 Anna on 06.28.10 at 10:37 am

I hope the heirs of the Lyon family raise holy hell about this. It’s all very fishy.

#3 l3wis on 06.28.10 at 11:02 am

Trust me, if Hajek and Twedt and the other commissioners think they will be able to squeak this by, they will have to go into hiding after the approval.