Boloney sandwich of the day; Todd Vik, Business Manager of the SF School district

Vik’s justification for the 10% administrator raises;

“Average increases for private area workers was over 4 percent, so we thought if we don’t try to catch up, we’ll lose staff members to the private workforce,” Vik said.

I guess you can manipulate any study to suit your needs. Not only are people losing there jobs, the ones that are still employed are not seeing 4% wage increases. In fact not only are employees not getting any raises many of them are seeing cuts to their wages, hours, benefits and vacation time. And when you have a public sector job that is handing out 10% wage increases, why would you be tempted to work for the volital private sector?

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that you haven’t seen one single person (besides Vik) come out and defend this wage increase?


#1 Hamerhead on 08.09.10 at 6:40 am

What’s a raise?

#2 Plaintiff Guy on 08.09.10 at 7:27 am

Disgusting but typical for local government. When citizens are down, kick them a few more times with what will surely lead to higher taxes.

They bought 900 IPads at $200,000. Now this.

#3 Ghost of Dude on 08.09.10 at 7:46 am

Average increases for private area workers was over 4 percent, so we thought if we don’t try to catch up, we’ll lose staff members to the private workforce,” Vik said.

What a stupid-ass comment to make. Nobody will leave a six-figure job with awesome benefits and a great pension for the private sector right now. Maybe if the economy turns around, but not now – or next year.

The study they used to come up with these 10% raises didn’t study wages in other districts, just general administrative costs. Apparently, we aren’t spending as much on administration as other districts, so someone needs a raise. The logic is baffling.

#4 scott on 08.09.10 at 8:48 am

even if the private sector paid more, which they don’t, i doubt that they would be looking to hire any school administrators anyway.

#5 l3wis on 08.09.10 at 12:03 pm

Good Point. If you have a master degree in education you don’t work at a bank or CC company, you work for a school.

#6 Costner on 08.09.10 at 1:25 pm

Even if private area workers were getting 4% raises annually (which they haven’t been), none of those private area workers have pension plans like the school district does, and most of them don’t have health plans that are free or nearly free for the employee.

If they want to compare apples to apples I’m more than willing to play that game, but I think we all know school district administrators would likely be shown to be compensated well above the average worker in the private sector – and they know it.

#7 Plaintiff Guy on 08.09.10 at 4:13 pm

This’ll make you mad.

We pay them but they live out of town and support another school district with taxes from our taxes.

#8 l3wis on 08.09.10 at 6:48 pm

Same with city employees, I think over 100 don’t live in SF.

#9 Kim on 08.27.10 at 12:46 pm

ANYONE want a good story. TIME to take the SF School System and their so called Anti Bully Policy and shove it. Bullies get away with everything. I got some GOOD INFORMATION. We are a group of parents seeking additional people in the same situations.
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* Coaches and Teachers playing politics and favorites
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Yep they want it all swept under the rug. Time to expose the dirty laundry. We are looking for anyone willing to share their stories and support. Together our voice is loud. To many parents think they are the only ones these things happen too.