South DaCola book club w/ Hookers or Cake

Jade Bos used to live in Sioux Falls and live with my friends Rocco Tchetter and Sideshow. One day, Jade decided that he needed a coffee table for his room, so he tore the door off one of his other roommates rooms, put it on concrete blocks, and he had a coffee table, unfortunately, said roommate had to take his one set of sheets and use that as a door which forced him to sleep on his sweat stained mattress without sheets and forced the rest of us to have to view his ugly naked ass passed out on said mattress (his one set of sheets had a gigantic hole in them) It was like a peep show no one wanted to see. Thanks for the memories, Jade. Well, anyhoo, Jade just released a book that is associated with his website. Here is a sneak peak;


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