The Goobertorial Debate. Sleepy Town.

Besides a couple of quips on either side – it was the pretty boring expected BS.

Here’s some highlights;

Doogard went back on his promise to not take Federal education funding because him and buddy Mikey found out their was ‘no strings attached.’ Heidi-Scott jumped his ass about it.

Doogard did slam Heidi-Scott on being his own man, he said something like, “My name is Doogard not Rounds.”

They sparred over ethanol and education for awhile, but the Hyperion discussion was interesting. Heidi-Scott suggested that the state listen to the EPA (you know, that federal entity that tries to prevent poisons from circulating in our air.) While I did not agree totally with Scott and did agree a little with Dennis on this issue, I was a little confused about Dennis’ demonization of the EPA and talking about cow farts (methane regulation). I have often respected Dennis for not dragging out FOX News talking points, but this was straight out of the Ironic Johnny playbook. He avoided the air quality question by talking about cow farts instead of an oil refinery.

I don’t think either guy is ready to be governor. Which is unfortunate. Because either way you churn it, we will get another 8 years of do-nothing politics.


#1 CCFlyer on 08.18.10 at 7:27 pm

To me, Daugaard seems pro-agriculture farming and Heidi seems pro-economic development (Sioux Falls) etc. This one is a tough one.. Honestly neither one has really stood out to. I like Heidipriem but don’t really know if I agree with him on the Casino. I personally think having that one Resort/Casino will benefit the “Metro” Area rather than steal away from Sioux Falls which he thinks, but I don’t agree with Daugaard because I think that he is (like I said) pro-agriculture and not really pro-business/economic development for cities like Sioux Falls. But someone can tell me different.

#2 Christopher M Davis on 11.01.10 at 1:06 pm

I’ve lived in Texas Oklahoma and Florida plus both North and South Carolina – all states with fairly good agricultural situations but Oklahoma had the Casinos run by Indian Tribes and the Tax-Free Tobacco sales by the Tribes as well. To me the Casino is a Very limited attempt to raise revenue for the people- much better to build a farm industry Or some manufacturing industry instead so the money goes directly to the pocket of the working man– that is what builds community pride and That is what Native Americans and immigrant Americans All need– We need to trade with each other and we need to Care about whether or not our brother in America has what he needs. The rest of the world is distant, build or manufacture the things that foreigners can’t compete with you on (homes, manufactured homes, log cabin kits were big in Oklahoma). I’m building firewood processing equipment myself (I’m a Mechanical Power Technologist from Oklahoma living now in Florida) The future is bright if you look forward to it– Keep up your hope and hold onto your dream of a better South Dakota and Vote your best – it could be both of these candidates need to be in a State office working together

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