Noem’s money tree is growing, and growing, and growing.

Rumor has it that the RNC thinks Noem has a pretty good chance of beating Steffy, which is probably true. So the RNC is sending her money, apparently a lot of money because according to local TV stations programming logs she will be playing almost 3-4x more TV commercials then Herseth-Sandlin.

Not good.


#1 Codington County on 10.07.10 at 12:00 pm

Herseth-Sandlin is in trouble, which means South Dakota is in deep shit. NOem is not the answer and is going to be a huge mistake.

#2 Mike C on 10.07.10 at 2:03 pm

Why is this not good? An outside organization is sending money to South Dakota. I bet some of those people have never visited the state, or might have a rough time finding it on a map, but hey if they want to send us $$$ who are we to turn it down?

#3 l3wis on 10.07.10 at 7:04 pm

Oh, it’s a bad thing, for South Dakotans if she gets elected.

#4 Daizi46 on 10.08.10 at 9:53 am

I hear she’s more beautiful/attractive in person…isn’t that the main requisite of the far right Republican man? Eye candy…regardless of the brains behind it?

#5 L'Empereur on 10.08.10 at 11:25 am

Dude, You’re hilarious – keep up the good work.

Hey, what about Noem’s exemplary driving record….hasn’t she killed anything lately, going around the state at a constant 90 MPH+ ? Nobody out there cares there are bench warrants out for her ? How ’bout sending her to jail for the rest of the campaign season ?

Mmmm, too much like Martyrdom…

#6 l3wis on 10.08.10 at 11:46 am

Daizi – She is ‘Okay’ in person. Not much of a difference when you see her on TV. But you are right, right wingers like trophy wives.

#7 Codington County on 10.09.10 at 1:50 pm

the Blizzard Queen as she is called in her home county

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