And now you know why I call him Ironic Johnny

Seems Johnny is up to his old tricks again, saying one thing to South Dah-Koat-Tens and doing another in Washington;

He has backed similar moratoriums in the past but the proposed 2011 spending bills Congress will consider in the coming weeks include almost 30 Thune-requested projects, such as money for highway projects, water systems and safety programs on Indian reservations. Most of those requests were co-sponsored by Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., congressional documents show.

Trust me, I probably support 100% of the earmarks that Thune is proposing, the problem I have is how he talks out of both sides of his mouth and the voters believe his bullshit. John. You are either for or against earmarks. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Fiscal conservative?! Yeah, and I’m a Southern Baptist.


#1 Costner on 11.16.10 at 8:05 am

The GOP is just waffling on this as they always have. Their solution is a “moratorium”, not a permanent ban – and in the long run that solves nothing.

They campaigned on the promise they would solve problems – not merely shift them a year or two down the road. Politics as usual. Meet the new Congress… just like the old Congress but with more red neckties and less diversity.

#2 Ol' Timer on 11.16.10 at 8:06 am


What is said up to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is never what you say on the following Wednesday morning. Of course most of those earmarks are great for SD, as the earmarks that the Senator from Texas gets in is good for Texas. But if they are so good, introduce as a separate bill and get it passed instead of back dooring it. Then you would be a good congress person.

Side note, I see Adrain Pederson got another speeding ticket. Does this make him eligible to run for congress in SD? 😉

Noem will earn her check if she goes after the farm bill and helps cut government expense. But again the same crap. Run on the cut government expense….well not at Ellsworth though because that is in SD.

#3 l3wis on 11.16.10 at 8:11 am

What irks me is that the MSM in SD never calls Thune out on his bullshit. Sure, this story has a quote and ‘puts him in a corner’ but c’mon. Just say it already, Thune is a hypocrite and they need to run a 3 page story about all of his flip-flops and back door deals. I’m still pissed that he voted against rape protections, and NO ONE in the SD MSM called his ass out on it.

#4 Ol' Timer on 11.16.10 at 10:47 am


#5 concern liberal on 11.16.10 at 10:18 pm

It is classic Republican leadership or rather leading on.
In 1994, the Repubicans ran on “term limits,” but once
they took over the leadership of the House and Senate
they were no longer interested in limiting their incumbent

#6 Helga on 11.18.10 at 12:21 am

“What irks me is that the MSM in SD never calls Thune out on his bullshit.” I completely agree. They have given him a pass for years and Snooki will get that same pass.
All those SD women who voted for Thune should be really pleased to know that he just voted against closing the pay gap between men and women. He ignores the many women who are trying to raise a family on 77 cents to a man earning one dollar. Lovely, just f’in lovely.
And Jon Stewart just talked about Snooki with a picture. Looks like she is the new Sarah/Bachmann.

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