A creative mind passed yesterday

Before the days of mix tapes and DVR’s Mr. Hassler made ‘mix vhs’ tapes, they were loaded with snippets of the Simpsons, other sitcoms and bad tv and bad TV commercials. Mr. Bos says it best;

One of my bestest and oldest friends, Jesse Hassler was found dead today. He was like a brother to me. We spent about 10 years together drinking coffee at 24 hour cafes – writing, drawing and philosophizing.

I’d been trying to talk him into making a book out of all his drawings and cartoons…

Jesse was great person who suffered from social anxiety. He was extremely intelligent and extremely sensitive. He was a great friend and I’ll miss him.

He was only 39.

The cartoon is brilliant. And a great part of me wishes I was this great of an artist. One can dream, I suppose.


#1 Scott on 12.21.10 at 7:53 pm

Very sad news.

#2 l3wis on 12.23.10 at 9:10 pm

Today’s celebration of Jesse’s life was wonderful. I heard great stories about things I did not know about him, and things I knew very well. Plus, it opened with one of the few songs I can play on a harmonica, and one of my favorites. I wish I would have known you better;