I will admit, I used to get pretty sleepy-eyed when Pitty Patt Powwers ran the site, but boy, it is getting even more boring. I have never been able to figure out why the site would rarely use graphics (except photos of John Thune). Patt would always complain about not having enough server space, and being expensive? WTF? Why would you host your own blog? Um, it’s 2010, not 1993.

No wonder the best name he could come up with his dog was ‘Burger King.’

It also surprises me that having a ‘supposed’ graphic artist on staff now that it would be so plain, but I guess Republicans only like things in beige and black (except their leaders.)

I will say this, my readership has bumped 2-3,000 more readers a day since Pitty Patt left the blogosphere. So keep up your oatmeal blogging.

2 Thoughts on “Having trouble sleeping, Read Dakota War College

  1. But wait, the ‘Intense Debate’ Function is coming. Can’t wait for more anon Republican’t backslapping!

  2. The Powerful influence is still there. When the new Democratic chair criticized the proposal to slash education funding by 5 percent, he was being “nasty,” according to the headline. War College will continue to be the bastion of intelligence and sound information that PowerPucker made it.

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