Thank gawd this video is only 3 minutes long, I don’t think I could look into those ‘deer caught in a headlight’ eyes much longer.

Noem claims we must cut spending but then turns around and thinks tax cuts for the extremely wealthy is AOK. She also goes on to blab about a healthcare repeal, and calls government interaction a ‘job killer’. Guess what Snooki? Not having healthy workers to employ is a ‘job killer.’

It amazes me that someone who cried about SHS’s husband being a lobbyist, turns around and hires a lobbyist for her chief of staff. And someone who doesn’t think government should get involved with healthcare because of it’s ‘costs’ puts her hand out for as many farm subsidies she could get.

This is going to be a long two years.


By l3wis

9 thoughts on “Noem hasn’t even been sworn in and she is already a hypocrite”
  1. Her reading is improving. Maybe by this time next month she will master reading the entire South Dakota driver manual.

  2. She sure talks a lot about being humble when her chief of staff sure wasn’t humble(also from S.D.) about his home purchase. Wonder how big of house she’ll buy in D.C. Maybe all of the senators and reps should vote to give themselves a pay decrease in order to help out with “government spending”. Ha that’d be a laugh.

  3. “Glamour Conservatism,” It’s the only card the right
    has left to play. Their supply- side economics, lack
    of regulatory oversight of the financial world, and their
    “one-way” free trade willingness has literally bankrupted
    this nation.

  4. Thank goodness she doesn’t let facts and figures enter that pretty little head. And she said Happy Holidays……..She didn’t get the memo from O’Reilly, Inhofe and the boys, it’s a NO NO to say Holidays. She just took Christmas out of the Holidays.

  5. If you want to get Noem in 2012 you have to stop attacking her like a liberal and start going after her like a Tea Bagger would.

    She is not a member of the Tea Party. Go after her on everythink that is not conservative about her also and She’ll havesomeone holding her accountable.

    Ethanol, subsidies, school vouchers, abortion. Kristi is much more interested in moving up the DC ladder than being compared to Bachman and Palin. She despises them.

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