Noem; Government subsidized Healthcare is good enough for me, but not for my constituents

Okay, we all know Noem is a gigantic hypocrite, and isn’t a good liar. Like when she complains about TARP yet takes farm subsidies, or wants to be a lawmaker and breaks the law and doesn’t even make court appearances. As Madville pointed out a few days ago, she thinks the same about healthcare reform. Similiar to farm subsidies, it seems she is okay with getting taxpayers to subsidize her, but they should not receive the same benefits;

It’s not much different than any other employee-based policy that’s offered to people working jobs across this country. And it is completely different than what was included in the health care bill and what that would do to our country, so it’s baseless, and they’re searching for something to criticize and it shouldn’t continue,” Noem said.

It’s not any different then an employee-based policy? Huh? It is different, because taxpayers who are not afforded the same insurance plan have to pay for yours. Not only are you a hypocrite, but you are a fat turd liar. You are however telling the truth about it being different then what is in the healthcare bill. Obama and other Dems allowed the Republicans to strip out the public option before it passed.

Should I be mad at Noem about this? Not at all, just your typical hypocritical greedy SD Republican. I’m mad at the voters for not seeing the blatant hypocrisy of Noem during the campaign and voting the dumbass into office.


#1 Bob Ellis on 01.20.11 at 10:23 pm

The fat turd liar is the person who wrote this deceptive piece of propaganda.

Article 1 Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution entitles representatives to compensation for their work. A routine form of compensation these days includes not only salary but benefits which frequently includes health insurance.

Elected representatives get the same PRIVATE health care plans available to average Americans. They get nothing more than most Americans get.

We “subsidize” her health insurance premiums no more than we “subsidize” her salary. We the people are her employer. Would you deny her the salary she works for and is entitled to according to Article 1 Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution?

I’m pretty sure even you wouldn’t, but despising conservatives and loving socialism as you do, you hope to score a couple of political points out of smearing someone for receiving the same benefits most Americans do.

I’d say, “Shame on you,” because you deserve it, but you routinely make it clear that you have no shame.

#2 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 4:58 am

First off, I don’t think employers should supply healthcare to their workers. I would prefer more pay.

“Elected representatives get the same PRIVATE health care plans available to average Americans. ”

The only difference is that we pay for it, while denying us the same option. Why can’t the citizens have this option also? If people like Noem won’t afford us the same option they have, then they shouldn’t have it either.

#3 Costner on 01.21.11 at 9:01 am

Actually L3wis, members of Congress get the same health plans as any other federal employee. They aren’t government plans nor are they single-payer plans, and they arent’ even covered 100%.

It is no different than any other benefit afforded to Federal employees. From the janitor sweeping the halls at the Pentagon to the Speaker of the House… they all get the same healthcare options and they all pay into the same pension / retirement system.

Thus to suggest we should all receive the same insurance as members of Congress is suggesting we should also receive the same pension / retirement benefits, the same salaries, and every other benefit they receive but without the pesky need to actually work for the Federal government. Keep in mind that the Feds pay only around 72% of the cost of the healthcare plans, which means the employee (Noem in this case) has to pay the remaining 28%. That isn’t a whole lot different than many private companies.

Hardly seems like your point about hypocrisy is a well thought-out argument.

The hypocrisy from Noem doesn’t come from her personal healthcare policy, but merely from the fact that she doesn’t believe everyone should have healthcare whereas you can guarantee she has it for herself, her husband, and her three children.

It is the typical “I got mine, so I don’t care about anyone else” attitude that is so common with those on the far right.

However, we all know this bill wasn’t about healthcare…. it was about voting against a Democratic President and setting the precedent that they have no intention of supporting anything pulled from his platform whether it is a good or bad thing for the nation.

#4 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 9:05 am

I understand how it works, and agree with “I got mine, so I don’t care about anyone else” My point is that she is fine with taking an employee based healthcare plan but doesn’t think employers should supply the same. I agree they shouldn’t BUT if they are not required to do so, there should be a public option.

#5 Pathloss on 01.21.11 at 9:21 am

Globally, governments regard health care as a fundamental right for their citizens. What do you expect from Noem? She’s milked the taxpayers from farm subsidies. Now she gets the best healthcare free while SD citizens die in -20F just outside emergency rooms.

#6 caheidelberger on 01.21.11 at 9:30 am

[Well done on that picture!] And always the same formula from Bob Ellis: use “deceptive”, belittle the speaker, ignore the actual issue.

#7 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 9:36 am

Bob is an ignorant.

#8 Brom on 01.21.11 at 9:51 am

Bob, when you are implying that Scott loves Socialism, know that Socialism consists of a broad system of ideas that emphasize the unity of society. Socialism exists in every democracy.

As for Noem, she will work very hard to ensure that South Dakota remains at the bottom in nearly every category.

#9 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 10:01 am

We have been a socialist democracy from the beginning. I suppose Bob has never used libraries, public education, fire and police services, roads, etc.

These people crack me up. And I also suppose Bob will be the first in line to get his SS check and Medicare card.

#10 Scott on 01.21.11 at 10:04 am

For such a moral Christian, Bob sure likes to badmouth people.

#11 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 10:13 am

LOL. I just got into an argument with a Christian about violence. I asked her what religion has never used violence against other religions? Buddhists.

#12 Helga on 01.21.11 at 2:14 pm

Kristi proudly announced that she voted to get rid of the new healthcare bill and “they” had their own ideas for healthcare, one being children could be on their parents medical policy. I must be missing something because that is what she voted against this week. That is what is happening right now. Does Snooki’s elevator go to the top?

#13 l3wis on 01.21.11 at 9:39 pm

I think her ‘Mitchell Hair’ roots are sucking all the intel out of her brain. I think she should get a couple of parakeets to sit in her hoop earrings and sing songs.

#14 snapper on 01.22.11 at 10:59 pm

Noem should have introduced a bill to ban legislators from getting the HC stuff.

#15 snapper on 01.22.11 at 11:01 pm

Anyone notice on NOem’s official facebook page she is turning into little miss PC by calling the HC repeal bill ” job Destroying” rather than the actual title the GOP wanted to use “job Killing”.

This is the kind of thing that needs to be pointed out.

#16 snapper on 01.22.11 at 11:02 pm

If I was SDDP Chair Nesselhuf my first investment would be to make 5000 bumper stickers that were bright red and read “NOem!”

#17 snapper on 01.24.11 at 1:25 am