Well, he is not the only legislator with their head up their ass during this coffee, but he probably wins the prize. And he wonders why they canned him from the city;

Only Sen. Phyllis Heineman, R-Sioux Falls, and Rep. Jenna Haggar, I-Sioux Falls, aligned with Tornow, and Heineman simply said that a $127 million structural deficit was not sustainable and that eliminating it would require “tough sacrifice from everybody.” Haggar said only that legislators must focus on the future of schools and not a one-year budget problem.

Screw the ‘sacrifice’ talk. It is one of the stupidest arguments I have ever heard. We pay taxes for a reason. If you paid a mechanic to do a $500 tune-up on your car and he did a $300 tune-up and said, “That will get you by.” then charged you $500, how would you react? That’s how it seems with education funding. We continue to put our taxdollars into it, and the state turns around and robs the fund to pay for other crap. Education is an investment, when are you going to get it? Why not ‘sacrifice’ no-bid contractors?

Tornow predicted a cut of less than 10 percent, but he called Medicaid “socialized medicine” and insisted that “somebody has to pay for this.”

Yeah, genius, the people who have paid into it their entire freaking lives! It goes back to paying taxes. Do we pay taxes to benefit the general welfare of the public, or to benefit a few rich contractors? I think we know the answer to that question. Do you know the answer?

Legislators also differed on whether the state needed its own illegal immigration enforcement law.

“It creates a serious negative perception of the state when we are trying to draw people here,” Buhl said. Cutler worried that domestic violence victims would be reluctant to come forward if they feared they would be identified as illegal immigrants.

But Tornow felt the federal government needed a prod from states such as South Dakota to seriously enforce immigration laws, and Liss and Haggar are co-sponsors of House Bill 1198, written by Rep. Manny Steele, R-Sioux Falls, setting forth the state’s role in deterring illegal immigration.

A ‘prod’ from South Dakota? LMFAO! Yeah, because a lot of other states are a changing their ways because the state that ranks almost last in every category is doing something about illegal immigration from Mexico (even though we should be more worried about Canadians, oh, my mistake, they are white and speak English, so they are OK). I wouldn’t take legal advice on a national issue like this from fired and disgraced former city attorney Tornow, heck, I wouldn’t take legal advice from Tornow about even a speeding ticket.

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28 thoughts on “To bad we can’t fire representative Tornow from the State Legislature”
  1. Aligning with Tornow is not good for political careers. They should find out about his fascist background. Medicare is a federal match. It’s really stupid not to fund it and cut elsewhere. Many voters are seniors on medicare. It’s political suicide.

  2. I bet Jenna’s supporters in SF like Tammy Wies are already turning on her. I bet Tammy is feeling betrayed and thinking Jenna is beoming a “soft and squishy I wanna stay elected in my Dem district type of person”. Jenna is not going to be anything more than a legislator who says and does what it takes to stay elected until something bigger and better comes along. Sorry Tammy you helped elect someone who told you a bunch of crap just to get your help…

  3. Word on the street is that Tammy is so upset with Jenna that she actually had her house picked up and moved outside of SF to Lincoln County.

    Wow Jenna way to go!!!

  4. Manny Steele comes through again, it comes as no surprise he has a bill about something that is not a problem in SD. Tenther, Birther that he is, he doesn’t miss a chance to do the bidding of ALEC.

  5. I just read on Madvilletimes that Manny’s teabagging buddy Hal Wick, along with some other loons, have a bill that would require all SD residents to buy a gun. These are the same guys who want gov’t. out of our lives. Boggles the mind.

  6. Maybe voters should pass a bill to get these lawmakers out of Pierre. Do they really think they are that funny? I’m not sure what they plan to accomplish by doing a bone-head thing like that. They sure do have lots of time on their hands! Luckily their salaries get paid no matter how stupid the legislation. If they were getting paid for their successes, they would be broke.

  7. Helga, this quote from Cory is priceless;

    “A gun is a nearly obsolete tool in everyday modern life. It doesn’t get you medical care or help you keep your job. It doesn’t boost your retirement account. It doesn’t educate your kids. It doesn’t balance the state budget or pave roads. It doesn’t check abuses of government power in a society ruled by money and information rather than brute force.”

    I have never understood our society’s obsession with guns. We are not cavemen. We buy our food in a grocery store.

  8. There’s a law expected to pass in Wyoming this year allowing concealed weapons. It’s already legal to carry a loaded hidden pistol in Arizona and Vermont.

  9. “It [a gun] doesn’t get you medical care or help you keep your job.”

    Tell that to a police officer who has had to fire their service weapon on the job or any member of the military who has been in active combat. There are plenty of guns who have protected jobs…. yours and mine included even if we weren’t the ones holding the guns at the time.

    “I have never understood our society’s obsession with guns. We are not cavemen. We buy our food in a grocery store.”

    Thankfully, you don’t have to understand it because the Constitution doesn’t require understanding. However, there is a lot more to gun ownership than simply using them to obtain food. Hunting is a big piece of it, but so is home security and simply a way to engage in a hobby such as target practice or even simply collecting.

    I own several firearms and although I have hunted, I don’t do so on a regular basis, and when I do I typically donate the food since I’m not a fan of wild game. For me obtaining food has nothing to do with it.

    Besides, some of my firearms would be entirely worthless for hunting. I can’t imagine taking a Walther P22 (short barrel .22 pistol) on a hunt unless you were hunting turtles or sleeping rabbits.

  10. Pathloss: “There’s a law expected to pass in Wyoming this year allowing concealed weapons. It’s already legal to carry a loaded hidden pistol in Arizona and Vermont.”

    I assume you meant “without a permit”, because it is legal to carry a loaded concealed weapon in South Dakota too… if you have your permit. The permit costs $10 and can be obtained from the local Sherriff…so it isn’t too difficult to get one unless you are an ex-con or not a US citizen.

    There are few places I can’t carry my weapon concealed including schools and courthouses etc, but for the most part I can take it almost anywhere I go on a daily basis if I so desire.

  11. Since having a gun is so important shouldn’t the government provide them for us free of charge?

  12. Well kids, SoDak Dick Wick’s new proposed gun law is the lead story on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC. No doubt SD loves that kind publicity, it will bring in the tourists for sure.

  13. Ed Schultz just did the SD gun story and showed a picture of Hal Wick. Can’t ask for better publicity for come visit SD, the sunshine state. ha

  14. That’s the jist, he is actually a pretty intelligent guy and former professional pilot. Someone needs to check and see if he has been drinking Pierre water.

  15. #16, yes Costner without a permit.
    Criminals and police know most home owners have guns. Suspecting you have a gun for home protection keeps you safe. Concealed weapons in public deserve regulation and present law seems to work. It gets scary when everyone has a gun on them at all times and in all places.

  16. I’d like to spend more time trying to get rid of Kristi Noem than focus on stupid people in Pierre.

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