Gun kooks are pretty bad ass when they can threaten cops anonymously

I took a screenshot of this before the Argue Endorser takes down the comments from this story;

WOW! Threatening cops on a public forum. Real classy. And gun rights people wonder why we call them ‘Nuts’? I support 2nd Amendment rights, but for all the right reasons. Once you stop permitting citizens to have guns the only people with them are military, authorities and criminals. Gun rights are important, but some people think that we live in such a dangerous world we should be locked and loaded at all times. This isn’t Kandahar, Afghanistan folks, this is podunck, South Dakota where most people use guns on critters. I haven’t met one single police officer who says they are itching to pop someone off, in fact, most would like to avoid the use of firearms at all costs. Do I think there are some police who abuse their power, sure, but I have never experienced them threatening me with a firearm.

I think representative Hunhoff said it best;

“It’s a brilliant marketing technique,” said Bernie Hunhoff, a Democratic state representative from Yankton. “(Obama) has not made any move to regulate gun ownership. That’s something that’s been pushed by Glenn Beck and G. Gordon Liddy.”

and Ben Nesselhuf adds;

The concern about gun control is more about political fundraising for pro-gun groups such as the National Rifle Association than political reality, Nesselhuf said.

“That’s how they make their money – by scaring people into worrying about things that aren’t going to happen,” Nesselhuf said.

If Democrats are so concerned about guns and violence why do they continue to vote for funding of the wars in the middle east. Here’s the deal, nobody is taking your guns away. Get over it.


#1 l3wis on 03.28.11 at 6:58 am

I see the top comment has already been deleted. Looks like the AL’s webmaster will be busy today. Better wear a bullet proof vest when going to lunch.

#2 Costner on 03.28.11 at 8:08 am

I’m not sure I see a threat there, so I’m not even sure which of those comments you are referring to. Poor grammar? Yes… but a threat?

#3 l3wis on 03.28.11 at 8:11 am

“Better watch out, we could be coming for your bad boys.”

Sounds like a threat to me. And BTW, as I pointed out, it has been deleted from the AL website.

#4 l3wis on 03.28.11 at 8:13 am

And it is not even veiled, he calls Milstead out. WOW.

#5 l3wis on 03.28.11 at 8:17 am

But I want to address his ‘out of control government’ statement. Yes. This is true. This started a long time ago, probably when Jackson was inaugurated. Who knows? The comical part is that these people elect the same whack jobs, year after year, and wonder why government is f’ing with them. It’s like a clown show without the clowns. Somewhat funny, but mostly sad.

#6 Costner on 03.28.11 at 9:11 am

I guess you are interpreting it differently than I am. You quoted it as “we could be coming” but they actual quote is “they could be coming”…. a HUGE and significant difference.

I don’t read it as if the author is suggesting he was going to come after anyone or even that he is provoking such a response, merely that an out of control government is one reason for a citizen to own a firearm, and as such if people think the government is out of control THEY could react.

The “bad boys” comment appears to be a weak attempt a humor, and yes the grammar could be improved, but I don’t see it as a threat. In fact if you really want to be technical, the entire reason we have a second ammendment is precisely that … to ensure the citizens have the power to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, so the author really isn’t suggesting anything new here.

Was it in poor taste? Sure, but I don’t see the Secret Service chasing this guy down for what can only be described as a poorly formulated comment.

#7 Ann on 03.28.11 at 2:50 pm

These comments are from people who brar, as well as guns, obvious derangement. I wish all comments would be signed or made so we could identify their authors so we would know the idiots to stay away from.

#8 Ann on 03.28.11 at 2:51 pm

supposed to be ‘bear’

#9 l3wis on 03.28.11 at 6:02 pm

“In fact if you really want to be technical, the entire reason we have a second ammendment is precisely that … to ensure the citizens have the power to defend themselves against a tyrannical government”

You meant to form a militia to defend themselves from a FOREIGN government? correct.

And obviously the AL felt the comment was threatening, because they took it down.

#10 Costner on 03.28.11 at 9:03 pm

Actually no l3wis… the second amendment was written as a way to ensure our rights are protected, and those rights could be attacked from both foreign and domestic goverments. There is a ton of history behind why our forefathers decided we needed such an amendment in the bill of rights and much of it came from their experiences with England.

As far as the AL… they fuck up on a daily basis so who knows what their justification is behind half the shit they do.

#11 l3wis on 03.29.11 at 2:59 am

There are many interpretations, and yours is one of them.