Photo: Mike Fodness (from KELO-TV website, flood 2010)

I watched this debate unfold during the SF city council informational meeting, and I got the feeling that the feds were more concerned about money then they were about flooding, and after reading this article, I’m starting to agree;

But a process that had been moving rapidly suddenly stalled when the money request reached the Corps headquarters in Washington.

Oh, that’s right, up until this point the city of Sioux Falls has subsidized the Feds by paying for the feds levees and flood controls while contributing to the Corp’s infrastructure.

If we give them federal money now (something we all contribute to in our federal income taxes) we would be going against what we have done in the past. Better think this one through, we wouldn’t want to look like hypocrites . . .

At issue is a rule that forbids the Corps from mixing emergency funds with project funds, Cotter said. The city of Sioux Falls issued bonds in 2009 to complete the levee upgrades after years of budget delays from Congress. Officials in Washington question whether the temporary emergency upgrades would qualify as mixing of funds with the city’s plan to finish permanent upgrades.

In other words, the Corps had the money to give us to do the permanent fixes and if they give us money now, it will prove it. I have said all along paying for those upgrades, actually borrowing money for those upgrades was f’ing stupid. I actually pleaded with a few councilors not to approve it. Councilor Staggers told me their hands were tied. Boloney!

It’s simple. If the Feds (FEMA) is telling you the levees need to be raised and those levees are owned by the Feds (Corps) it only makes sence they pay for it. The city should not be involved besides upgrading the bike trails, landscaping, etc.

We were really suckered and it looks like we will get suckered again.

5 Thoughts on “Is the flooding scare really about flooding or money?

  1. Poly43 on March 15, 2011 at 4:35 am said:

    Levee work halts.

    Gas prices throttle retail goods.

    Meanwhile….the birth of a white elephant, either DT or the netherlands, continues on schedule.

  2. l3wis on March 15, 2011 at 6:41 am said:

    Amazing huh? And also during the informational, Turbak gave the 2010 financial support in which he said the extra 3 million or so they saved last year would be used as a down payment towards the bonds for the new EC.

    Says who?


    I see they had a change of heart. I wonder how many F-Bombs Huether dropped on this one.

  4. Thats me in that picture. Taken in my backyard in Harrisburg last summer.

  5. l3wis on April 12, 2011 at 6:54 am said:

    I credited you in the photo, I hope it was okay to use, I thought it was funny.

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