The Ugly Table #45


This was written on a receipt recently with $0 written in the gratuity line.

“My wife ordered mash potatoes not fries.”

First off, the order was put in correctly.

Secondly the EXPO put the wrong side on the plate, and I didn’t catch it.

And thirdly didn’t it occur to you at least once during my 7-8 table visits to mention this was a problem?

Not once?

Not even hint? Even to a manager?

You know like when I said, “Is everything okay, is your food alright?” Or the time I looked directly at your wife and said, “Is your burger okay.” and she said. “Yes.”

Nope, that would be too easy, because your cheap ass needed an excuse to stiff me on a measly $20 tab.

Ironically, your friend across the table tipped me 40% on his tab. I’m assuming because I got both of his sides right.

You truly are petty.

S. L. Ehrisman (c) 6/4/11



#1 Helga on 06.05.11 at 2:05 am

Dipshit and a repug, no doubt about it.

#2 l3wis on 06.05.11 at 5:46 am

I also forgot to mention that one of his wife’s friends mentioned it was her birthday a couple of days before so I offered a free dessert which she turned down. What amazes me is that it took more effort for him to write his little pout party down on the piece of paper then it would have for him to say something to me about it.

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