20th Anniversary of Nevermind

Man, I am fucking old. This album came out the summer I graduated from HS. I was a ‘Grunge Punker’ and wore flannel, All-Stars and shitty white t-shirts. Nirvana turned me onto some great bands like the Melvins, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins (when they were good).

The Jazz Fusion group THE BAD PLUS does the best cover (Fuck Tori Amos, or as one of my Ex’s called her Hairy Anus. Rocco wrote a concert review about her in his college paper and called her a dried up turd. One of the advisors didn’t think kindly of it, and he got in a bit of trouble, I’m off topic now, sorry)

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#1 hosenpheffer on 07.18.11 at 10:27 pm

It was a ghost turd. Funny you never see them anymore, now that everyone is so pc and picks up their dog turds.

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