How pathetic is this?

Besides Cory at Madville reporting about the harm of the Keystone pipeline, we have to rely on people from the east coast to protest for us;

WASHINGTON – Actress Daryl Hannah has been arrested at the White House along with other environmental protesters opposing a planned oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The sit-in on Tuesday involved dozens protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. It would go through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to refineries in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas.

Before she was arrested, Hannah told The Associated Press the protesters want to be free from dependence on fossil fuels. The group is calling for clean energy investments instead. Hannah says they hope President Barack Obama will not bow to oil lobbyists.

Hannah sat down on the sidewalk near the White House and refused orders from U.S. Park Police to move.

She has also been arrested in the past for environmental causes.

I’m glad this is finally getting national press. Maybe our local media will finally stop recycling AP stories and write a few of there own about this POS project.



#1 Pathloss on 08.30.11 at 4:04 pm

Build it, it’s necessary for the major find in Canada. Less dependance on foreign oil. Jobs for middle america. Hannah can be the first mermaid through it.

#2 scott on 08.30.11 at 4:10 pm

I would like Denny D to tell us again why this project needs tax breaks.

#3 l3wis on 08.30.11 at 4:23 pm

The problem with tar sands oil is it takes more energy to retrieve it then what it is worth. I would agree, we should find ways not to be dependent on foreign oil. We should develop the gold mine SD is sitting on with wind energy.

#4 Jackilope on 08.30.11 at 6:12 pm

Sign up to speak @ this:
US State Dept. Keystone XL Public Hearing

Thursday, September 29 · 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Best Western Ramkota Hotel – Pierre
920 West Sioux Avenue
Pierre, South Dakota 57501

As part of the decision-making process for whether to grant or deny the permit for TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the US State Department is holding public hearings to get input from South Dakotans. Please help protect South Dakota from oil spills from this pipeline, higher gas prices and higher carbon emissions by attending the hearing.

You do not have to stay the entire time, you can come and sign-up to speak and than leave, or stay for the entire time and just listen and show support.
You will have 5 minutes to speak if you choose to do so. The hearings run from noon-3:30pm and 4:00-8:00pm

Anyone can speak and it is important to have a large turnout to show the US State Department that we support clean energy and protecting South Dakota from this pipeline. Please let me know if you are interested in transportation from Rapid City or Sioux Falls.

For more information about the Keystone XL Pipeline, see the National Wildlife Federation’s website:

#5 Tom H. on 08.31.11 at 3:38 pm

Pathloss: “Less dependance [sic] on foreign oil.”

Keystone XL would provide a major oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, incidentally providing a pipeline FROM Cushing TO the gulf. Cushing currently has a major surplus of oil, so much so that the West Texas Intermediate price is over $25 less than the Brent price, and has been for a while. Why is this oil being stockpiled? Because all of the pipelines go FROM the gulf TO Cushing, not the other way. If a major counter-flow project (like XL) were completed, it would have the basic effect of opening up the oil reserves in Cushing to international trade.

As a sidenote, most gasoline in the United States is refined from oil bought on the European and Asian markets. Cushing oil is cheap, but only people near the Midwest refineries can get it (because shipping it for long distances would erase the price gap).

Therefore, if the XL were completed, it would essentially serve as a relief valve to allow US (and Canadian!) oil to be sold on the world market via Gulf Coast terminals. In the end, the XL is NOT a project to provide North American oil to North America; it is a project to allow North American oil to be sold internationally (most likely to China and India). Don’t buy the crap about “local oil production.”

#6 dick on 08.31.11 at 4:27 pm

Ummmm. Less dependency on foreign oil? I thought when I was in kindergarden they told me that Canada was a different country than ours. Did we get them during the louiasana purchase?

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