Rant a Bit #9: City Councilors Greg Jamison and Kenny Anderson, Jr.

After a much longer delay than planned, we finally got together to record another episode of Rant-a-Bit With Scott and Scott. Our guests showed their expertise on a number of local issues, including the upcoming event center vote, infrastructure issues, snow gates, code enforcement, and so much more. Download this informative chat here, or subscribe to use via iTunes!


#1 Detroit Lewis on 08.30.11 at 8:47 pm

Not to be an ass-kiss, but I think it is great that two local politicians came on a alternative media program to take questions. And, BTW, always un-edited.

#2 hosenpheffer on 08.31.11 at 7:18 am

did you drop f bombs and say offensive things?

#3 Pathloss on 08.31.11 at 9:39 am

Good point Lewis. It takes nerve to step into the storm. Could this be the start of a citizen friendly government. Incidently, there has been 2 weekly city council meetings cancelled. I want my 5 minutes ending with an arm forward outstretched ‘Heil Huether’.

#4 l3wis on 08.31.11 at 10:17 am

No ‘S’ or ‘F’ bombs. But Hudson did get into an argument with Jamison about Carol Burnette, Bill Cosby and John Cougar. I also was chastized for my filibustering.

#5 Scott on 08.31.11 at 11:24 am


#6 Detroit Lewis on 08.31.11 at 11:53 am

I think the best comment was when Greg said about the mayor, something like, “I don’t know, I guess it just doesn’t work between us.”