I’d much rather be swimming right now in a tax subsidized indoor pool

The SF Parks and Rec and city council won’t seem to be happy until they get a public indoor pool;

The city’s park and recreation department is preparing to replace Spellerberg Pool in the next few years. But officials want to gauge the community’s desire to build an indoor pool there rather than replace it with another outdoor pool, department Director Don Kearney said. If there’s enough support among people who live in the area, then Spellerberg could be the location for the city’s first public indoor pool.

Like I have said before, I am not against an indoor public pool, but I still think we are going about it the wrong way, it should be a part of a public school OR a part of another facility like a rec center so it gets maximum usage. A stand alone indoor pool will not provide those benefits.

I also think this push by a select group of people (certain city councilors and parks and rec board members) to build an indoor pool seems a bit suspicious. I have yet to run into anyone who says our city is missing out by not having a public indoor pool. Why? Because we already have several private ones you can use for a fee. I guess if the Spellerberg hood wants it, let them have it. Not sure how the lower-income children are going to get to it during the winter, but I’m sure this is something the city council has figured out already 🙂

3 Thoughts on “So will we finally get an indoor pool?

  1. Tim Benson on August 30, 2011 at 8:07 pm said:

    Spellerberg is an ill-conceived location for an indoor pool because the sledding hill next to the outdoor pool is already a very popular draw for Sioux Falls kids in the winter. I suggest that Sioux Falls builds an indoor pool next to one of its high schools. My high school, in Bozeman, Mt., has an indoor pool on its campus open year round to the public, except when high school meets take place. Swimming and diving are sanctioned high school sports in Montana in the winter, along with basketball, wrestinlg, gymnastics, downhill, and cross-country skiing.

  2. Thank You Tim! I have been suggesting this all along. We talk about it a bit in our podcast last night. My suggestion is to NOT have a stand alone indoor pool.

  3. Analog Tape on September 1, 2011 at 12:23 am said:

    This may not be a valid answer but for those who like to swim and seeing that for some odd reason the YMCA closes at 6PM on Wednesday, why not a deal for the city to offer to cover costs to have the center open to 10PM so the 100 or so people who want to wade in chlorine and fluoride can do so more easily?

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