Thank You Dan Daily!

I suggested on Facebook over on Stormland TV News‘ site that instead of Daily seeking damages from the city, we should all just send him a thank you card and a dead president for sticking up for our constitutional rights. Dan risked life and limb defending our country in Vietnam, and he spent a lot of his own treasure defending our constitutional rights – right here in Sioux Falls;

Dan Daily, 4916 E. Maywood Drive, SF, SD 57110


#1 Dan Daily on 08.29.11 at 10:25 am

Thankyou here and a lot of positive comments from elsewhere. It was a 6 year battle with lots of obstruction and harrassment from the city. My cost was $50,000 and a 27 year relationship with a good woman. A veteran knows hell and cannot expect his partner to share the worst kind of assault. I must thank the 2 law firms and law students who donated time and research. My cost after circuit court was expenses only. Had their time been billed it’d been another $100K. There are numerous cases where the city has fought state and federal constitutions with tax payer dollars. By the time Huether is up for reelection, keep in mind it’s a million dollar expenditure. There was only 1 lawyer in the state who would go up against the city. Now, there are a dozen and they cite my landmark case. My testimony in the future will be uncompensated.

Thanks again. Pay attention and VOTE. Home Rule has evolved into a dictatorship. Time to return to democracy. Huether’s oath to protect and defend the constitution was a lie.

#2 l3wis on 08.30.11 at 6:46 am

Your welcome Dan. I will give Huether credit on one thing though, he fired the ass-clown who started this circus.