I found this video interesting.

I have never really had much to say about 9/11, except this, GW Bush ignored the warning signs then, bungled the Afghan capture of Osama and started two unneeded wars over it which has cost us life and treasure. One of Osama’s intentions was to crumble us financially.

Did he succeed?

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  1. Beer Jew on September 11, 2011 at 10:38 pm said:

    We are a nation tied up in procedure and policy that has rendered us ineffective. Just once, I would love to hear Obama drop a surprise to the effect of “we have just nuked pakistan because we are tired of their shit”. Instead, we get some rhetorical, whistle through his teeth bullshit that we have come to accept as OK. Obama needs to “go nigger” to regain his credibility. The End.

  2. “Blame Bush” – He is also at the root of our unemployment problems, our current financial crisis and the rising population of homeless puppies! (Why oh why didnt he listen to Bob Barker?)

  3. To answer your question; yes.
    Had a woman in the store today considering buying a candy bar – asked how much the kingsized 3 musketeers were: I “$1.79”. She, “Really? – for a candy bar?” I, “Yes, I remember 8 years agi when I first started working here a regular candy bar was 49 cents, and the big ones were 79 cents.” She, “Wow, that’s amazing isn’t it? What has happened?” I, “George W. Bush.” She bought the big one and left.

  4. What Obama needs to do is go ‘Old Skool’ FDR or Truman style.

    Lemming, I don’t blame G’Dumb for everything, besides, I still don’t think he knew WTF was going on half the time. Rice, Tenet, Cheney, Rummy and their minions did a pretty good job of ‘fucking the chicken’ on this one. Over 3,000 innocent Americans died on 9/11 and our best response was to let more Americans die in two unneeded wars? Sorry, but I still struggle with this one.

  5. If you are going to start the blame, you better go before Bush. There were multiple times to take this guy out with very valid reasons and concerns and we didn’t. I think it is something that many get to sleep with each night. Maybe Clinton raising money for the memorial in PA (which I think is very admirable) is his way of trying to clear his own conscience.

  6. Pathloss on September 12, 2011 at 5:56 pm said:

    Osama Bin Laden tactics succeeded. All Al Quada had to do was say they planned attacks for the 10th anniversary of 911 and we spent billions on security. They’ll soon spend another million and we’ll (again) defend with trillions attacking innocent middle east nations and searching grandmothers at airports.

  7. It really is disgusting. And if I have to see one more fucking car magnet shaped like the twin towers with a eagle crying, I’m gonna puke.

    Patriotism starts with openness and fairness to our citizens first. Not with bombs and guns. Freedom is FREE, speak your mind.

  8. The United States is its own worst enemy. Al Quada is working its magic without killing anyone. Just keep hinting at doing things and eventually Americans will have no rights anymore on the basis that we are being protected from the Big Bad Bully. I agree, Obama needs to do a Smack Up Side the Head to certain people and LEAD!

  9. I think Barry should take Boehner golfing and ‘accidentally’ shove a Big Bertha straight up his ass and say, “Listen hear Cabana Tan Boy, it’s gonna be my way from now on.”

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