Don’t cry for Argentina Mike.

I guess there was no antenna tower elevators to climb or clouds to chase today. Stormland dedicated two stories to everyone’s favorite mayor. The first one is about his love affair with couches and predatory credit cards;

“When you’re in corporate America, there are days or weeks or even months where you’re being challenged to a level that you cannot believe. I reached a point in 1999 where if I didn’t do something, something really bad would happen to me in my health,” Huether said.”When you wake up on the couch and all of a sudden your wife comes in and says, ‘Honey, you got to go to bed,’ or we got to find a way for you to release this stress and anxiety. That was the wakeup call that I needed.”

Well if your wife is asking you to come to bed . . .

The other story is about his pipe dream of a profit making Events Center.

The mayor says the building will make the city money.

“I’ll look at you with a straight face and say, you bet it will. And who will reap the rewards? The people of Sioux Falls will,” Huether said.

I wonder if Mike used to sell ocean front property in Nebraska?

“Yeah, I just got in an amazing hang-ten surf ride in North Platte the other day! Cowabunga!”

12 Thoughts on “Slow news day? Stormland TV’s Lovefest w/ Mayor Huether continues

  1. CCFlyer on September 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm said:

    It’s usually always a slow day at Stormland or any of the stations, which is usually why they take 5 minutes over the 30 minute newscast to only say that someone cries them self to sleep at night.

  2. He really needs to get himself a new vice besides his obsession with crying to the cameras.

  3. Alice15 on September 6, 2011 at 8:46 am said:

    I thought the same thing last night. C’mon Kelo – you’re better than this.

  4. …and seriously – I get so tired of hearing how My Man Mike’s life is so hard. Frickin people are stressed out everyday and yes – Sioux Falls – you too can fall asleep on the couch. Good grief – falling asleep on the couch not equates to a near death experience? The drama is so over the top it’s nauseating. If this Mayor is stressed out – guess what – he signed up for all of it and his bank account shows it.

  5. Yeah, waking up on the couch is not a big deal . . . trying waking up in your backyard with your bicycle on top of you and grass in your mouth.

  6. anominous on September 6, 2011 at 12:12 pm said:

    What, it’s not like he was actually working collections.

  7. Those people keep the beer distributors in biz.

  8. Holy crap! When I was in “corporate America” working as a marketing exec. (essentially same job I gather as Mike’s) when I found myself sleeping on my couch – I knew it must be a weekend and I was slacking off and relaxed.

  9. . . . but did you have a hash pipe near you on the coffee table? 🙂

  10. I’m guessing it was in response of this previous article which sounds exactly the same.

  11. 🙂 maybe – I don’t recall.

  12. JJP – I did see that. It’s funny that Vern ‘The Velvet Hammer’ is such a badass now, he only has a few months left on his final term as councilor. What does he have to lose. It’s sad to see Vern this way. I say no vocal opposition is the best approach. There was no vocal opposition to the Rec center, and we know how that went down. As I told a friend today, voters get suspicious when there is this big marketing campaign for a project that no one is publicly opposed to.

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