Odds and Ends

I’ll make this quick.

• South DaCola is planning some reconstruction over the winter. New look and other fun stuff. Stay tuned.

• Our next Rant-A-Bit podcast will be recorded on December 6th. Scott and I have no planned guests, but if you would like to join us, drop us a line, we may be able to work something out. Pre-warning. Vodka and cussing (may) be involved.

• I have a meeting scheduled with Mayor Huether at his office on December 13th to chew the fat. I plan to give minutes of the meeting on South DaCola.

• Not sure if you saw this tidbit at Monday’s SF city council’s informational meeting, but they have been discussing moving the city council meetings to Tuesdays. I like the idea, and I think the change WILL happen.


#1 Pathloss on 11.28.11 at 9:51 am

Keep up the good work. I check here often to get the real story about city hall and enjoy the local entertainment sidelines. If channel 16 would adopt this format, I’d not mind paying for it.

#2 l3wis on 11.28.11 at 1:20 pm

Maybe I should change DaCola into a media source 🙂 of course then I would probably start losing money 🙁