I would have to agree with councilor Jamison on this statement;

Councilor Greg Jamison, who has been skeptical of much of the events center planning, said the bidding will be a defining moment in determining whether “we’re on mark or we’re off track.”

“If they come in over $115 (million), I think they’re going to have to stop the bus,” he said.

Like I have said in the past, SF doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to cost overruns. The Pavilion, Phillips to the Falls and now the River Greenway project have all cost almost DOUBLE of what was projected. I’m not saying any of this to be negative, I’m just stating the facts. Factor that math into the Events Center and you will have a debt service of about $400 Million. Ouch! For an events center!

I just hope Jamison has the gonads to jump in front of that bus. One more reason why it would be good for Staggers to be on the council again.


8 Thoughts on “Cost overruns on the EC? Stop the Bus!

  1. as soon as the election is held, the 115 million dollar price tag means nothing doesn’t it? only the current council is bound by that number, correct?

  2. Nobody is bound by anything. Huether delivered the best smoke and mirrors of any mayor in our history. Shit, they haven’t even been able to purchase the bonds yet, which I find fishy.

  3. Shrimp Taco on February 20, 2012 at 10:31 pm said:

    You gotta watch Huether’s Shut Up & Listen Session from 2/11. Packed house at the Whisk & Chop – reps from tennis, ice and swimming all with their hands out for city money to build shiny new facilities.

    Two highlights worth sharing:
    1. Huether acts like he doesn’t know his own wife’s name. Makes her introduce herself when she talks tennis.
    2. Huether boasts that he’s going to see Nickelback at the Fargodome in May and claims he paid $200 a ticket! If he thinks that’s a deal, then your $400m prediction is probably spot on.

  4. The only way they keep it under budget and do everything they need to do to have adequate parking is to make the parking expenses SEPARATE from the total for the EC. If they have to build a ramp over a road they won’t count it towards the project total.

    We’re adding 10,000+ seats. Where are people going to park? At least downtown has some vertical parking options. They might end up putting in a parking ramp structure in a few years when they admit they didn’t have enough room. They won’t include it in the total. People might as well park downtown and walk to get to the events. I’ll be at home or at Monks having a beer. You can take the EC and shove it. It’s a waste of my money and yours. One of the reasons I didn’t want to run for city council was that I didn’t want to be on the council when the EC opens. I’ll be damned if my name is on that building.

    Can you imagine our city if we spent 182,000,000 on parks or programs to help our chronically homeless find help? This was REALLY the best use of 182 Million? People just believe what they’re told. Even when they’re lied to.

  5. I agree Andy. I just shake my head to when I start thinking about blowing $182 million on an entertainment facility.

  6. It’s nice to hear someone in city government at least talk about stopping this thing. Maybe this isn’t over yet. Let’s all hope for a big cost overrun so that we can shut ‘er down!

  7. They will just shift money around other departments to hide the overruns. Just look at the River Greenway project using ‘environmental’ monies.

  8. Fact is; long term growth is destined with an events center in the downtown area. The current arena’s site may be cost effective in the short run but in order to consider what is to come, I believe, the current council lacks in the ability to make the best decisions on behalf of its citizens. It’s one thing to sit back and form an opinion. It’s another to act on that opinion and turn it into reality. Mr. Huether is excellent at it but again, I believe, he lacks the insight on how the future of this city should be.
    The bonds have not been sold yet. That’s a good thing. If this is delayed long enough, I believe the next council will work to overturn the $115M events center and reshape the future of Sioux Falls in its best ability. One man’s opinion can’t change the world. The drive for success comes within and as in unison, it becomes relevant that the true democracy persists. Let’s be progressive in our decision making. When this asset becomes a liability, as it will in its current location, the city of Sioux Falls will be on the fritz. I don’t want that to happen. I want to draw people here and keep them, which is why I am running for council. We can’t let great ideas put a burden on the citizens. We can be innovative and self-sufficient with better insight and that, I intend to provide.

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