Walmart resistance


I just finished watching the recent Sioux Falls Planning Commission meeting (FF to Item #15) in which they approved the Walmart construction project (it still needs to go to the council). The commission approved the project 4-2. Several people in the neighborhood of the proposed site, including representatives from SF Christian school, came to protest at the meeting. They made some good points;

• Walmart historically has more police calls a month then other retail stores like HyVee

• The store is in close proximity to a school

• Traffic will increase

• The lot is too small to accommodate the store

I feel for these people and their frustrations. I hate Walmart, they are one of the most deceptive retailers in the nation, and like the Quen Be De, I don’t shop there either.

But, they are within their legal rights to build at that location. It is zoned for exactly that kind of use, and that is probably why the commission approved the site.

As for traffic, welcome to the 21st century. Don’t know what else I can say about that. Also, if you buy a home built next to an empty lot zoned for commercial use, guess what, they might build something there like a Walmart.

As for SF Christian’s gripe about the ‘Children’. Last I checked parents CHOOSE to enroll their kids in that school. It is a private school. SF Public schools have open enrollment, you can enroll your kids in any school you want. If you don’t like your children being educated next to a Walmart, the power is in your hands to change that situation.

There is one issue where I do AGREE with the protesters (besides the fact that I hate Walmart) I think the lot is too small for their store and parking. They will literally be right up against all the other businesses around them. I think this should be the protesters biggest argument against the project, and I do know they have gotten some traction on that issue.

The fact remains though. If Walmart doesn’t build there, some other retailer will, that is what it is zoned for. Is the neighborhood going to fight every retailer that wants to build at that site?

As for city council approval, not sure if they will approve it or not. I know a number of councilors do agree with me on the lot being too small, but you have to realize the tax revenue generated from a Walmart is considerable, and they will take that into account.


#1 scott on 04.08.12 at 10:33 am

De may not shop at walmart, but she looks like she gets her hair cut there. Or someplace that specializes in the “man-cut”. De’s hair aside, if these folks want to stop walmart from building at that location, go to the website, get a bunch of those photos made into posters and fill the city council chambers with anti-walmart protesters. That should be enough to scare the hens on the council.

#2 Detroit Lewis on 04.08.12 at 1:37 pm

No kidding? Huh? A gigantic photo of ‘Willie the Pimp’ will definately change minds.

#3 ol timer on 04.09.12 at 7:58 am

The problem with most protesters are (drum roll) they shop at Walmart. It is not that they don’t like Walmart, it is they don’t like Walmart in their area. I can honestly say I have been in a Walmart twice, bought a $9.95 VCR tape. Only because I could not find it at three Walgreens, K-Mart, Best Buy. I needed it before noon on a Sunday and Harolds was not open yet. But guess what, employees in everyone of those other stores suggested Walmart. The Walgreen employees suggested Walmart over the other Walgreens locations.

As a small business owner, I can tell you that Walmart is a killer. Some of the local stuff they are into, they have no business being in.

#4 testor15 on 04.09.12 at 8:18 am

In order to send their kids to Sioux Falls College and the expensive Christian school, they shop at Walmart. So as long as they are dropping off their kids at school or going to the football game, stop at Walmart and pick up ammo for the gun.

#5 l3wis on 04.09.12 at 9:53 am

That’s the irony of these protesters. I hope when this comes up to city council vote that one of the councilors asks the audience to raise their hands if they have shopped at Walmart in the past month.

I am still baffled by what they think that lot is for? Disneyland? Whether it is a Walmart, a Hyvee or a Walgreens, some kind of retailer will eventually go in that spot. Rip that bandaid off already.

#6 Sy on 04.09.12 at 9:58 am

The traffic issue should be considered a wash. Where there will more coming to this store than say a C-store or a strip mall, it will be people from the SE quadrant of town, half of whom currently drive to the East side or the Meadows Walmart to buy their cheap Chinese-made crap.

BTW, those two areas were more congested before Wally came in and are still that way today. None of the doom and gloom the NIMBY’s are predicting came true from either one of those locations; yes traffic increased..but people still come and deal with it.

In other Big Box news, Costco is very close to announcing their new location in Sioux Falls, and no they aren’t going in anywhere near the new Events Center.

#7 l3wis on 04.09.12 at 10:05 am

Sy – Glad to hear about the COSTCO announcement. I’ve been patiently waiting. They will crush Walmart and SAM’s club, in customer service alone.

Can you hint what part of town it will be? Daly Farm?

#8 Andy Traub on 04.09.12 at 10:11 am

Sy, thx for the EC line. It made my day. Who has money on Sanford putting their name on the EC? I heard Sioux Falls referred to as Sanford Falls the other day. Sad but true.

#9 l3wis on 04.09.12 at 10:16 am

Sanford is the only one that makes sense.

#10 Shrimp Taco on 04.09.12 at 10:38 am

ol timer – ring me up if you ever need more VHS tape. Ran across a whole bundle this weekend, at least 10 of them, still in the original packaging. I have no use for them.

#11 Scott on 04.09.12 at 10:48 am

Given that Best Buy is starting to close stores across the country, it’s safe to say they’re now out.

#12 Sy on 04.09.12 at 1:44 pm

One rumor I heard was they would go in across from the Tank Farm on Grange behind the car wash, the area Dunham is developing. Dawley has a Sam’s coming so they don’t want to be there.

As for naming rights, here’s my guess (with odds) as to who will vie for and win the sweeptakes:

1. Sanford (2 to 1)

2. Premier Bank (3 to 1)

3. Citibank (5 to 1)

4. Wells Fargo (5 to 1)

5. Poet (6 to 1)

6. Hy Vee (8 to 1)

7. Morrell’s (10 to 1)

8. Syverson Tile & Stone (1,000,000,000 to 1)

#13 Detroit Lewis on 04.09.12 at 1:49 pm

The Syverson Center. Has a nice ring to it, if it was DT, in Hildy’s backyard.


I do agree Sanford is the top choice, but you never know.

#14 Tom H. on 04.09.12 at 3:18 pm

Give me 5 cents on #8.

#15 rufusx on 04.09.12 at 11:31 pm

When it comes to development – in general, density is your friend my friends.

#16 rufusx on 04.09.12 at 11:38 pm

That’s great news about Costco – one of the things I miss about living in Cali.

#17 Craig on 04.10.12 at 8:25 am

I’d have a lot more sympathy for the anti-Walmart brigade if they weren’t driving across town to go to one, but I guarantee you if it was a Target or a Lewis trying to build there we wouldn’t see half the opposition. In fact, Lewis (the store, not the man) was talking about building in that area but obviously that won’t be happening if Wallyworld goes in.

I’d like to think building one there will help alleviate traffic at the other two, but I know from experience it won’t really matter. Either way it is zoned commericial so the NIMBYs need to get over it. If you don’t want to live next to a commercial structure or business, don’t buy or build next to land that is zoned commercial. Is that so difficult to understand?

I also had to laugh at the arguments that because Walmart sells alcohol that it would mean more drinking in the area which shouldn’t be allowed because it is in a school zone.

Newsflash – Walmart sells condoms too does that mean there will be more sex? They sell bikinis, does that mean more half naked women patrolling the neighborhood? They sell miniskirts….. hey now that I think of it if this line of reasoning stands true I think I want to live next to Walmart.

#18 Scott on 04.10.12 at 9:24 am

I’m all for the more half-naked women! Oh wait, not half-naked women that shop at Walmart!

#19 Detroit Lewis on 04.10.12 at 12:51 pm

Craig, I know. I get so tired of the ‘What about the children?” argument. If you don’t want your children to be exposed to the real world, move to the mountains.