Stehly’s letter about councilors Staggers, Jamison & Anderson.

This is an awesome letter;

Recently, four City Council members were sworn into office for four-year terms at Carnegie Town Hall.

Three of these council members, Kermit Staggers, Kenny Anderson and Greg Jamison, have several years of experience serving the citizens in this political capacity. I personally have found all three of these men to be responsive, caring and full of integrity. This is a refreshing reassurance in a time when many politicians are motivated by big business and personal gain.

What is exciting about these men is that they have a proven track record of standing up for fiscal responsibility, and courageous decision-making. Staggers, Anderson and Jamison stood strong to defend the reputation of our city clerk, Debra Owen. Jamison and Anderson were some of the first members on the council to apologize to the public when the council was found guilty for breaking the open meetings law this spring.

I believe these men have a desire to develop public trust in government and to keep the political process open and honest. They want to do what is best for all the citizens of Sioux Falls. We are blessed to have this kind of quality on our City Council.

I invite the public to tune into channel 16 on Tuesday nights at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to view for yourselves our government in action.

As we progress onward with our newly elected officials, stay in touch and informed. This city belongs to all citizens, and we need to stay connected.

Theresa Stehly

Sioux Falls